Miscellany / dancing tonight

July 28th, 2008 · No Comments · By

Here’s a few small things I’ve been meaning to mention:

Here are some videos (1, 2, 3) of the Pinko Communoids set at the Bridge last May, along with a video of Conner Lacy and friends (1). Local filmmaker Meghan Eckman shot the whole show, apparently; thanks to Wendy for the links.

There’s also a new documentary about Buck Gooter, which can be seen here (big) or here (small).

Did another double-header radio show last night on WTJU; Radio Wowsville and the Eclectic Mayhem with myself and DJ Helvidious. The tracklist for the Mayhem set is up on the WTJU Rock Blog.

Speaking of me DJing, I’ll be spinning at the Tea House tonight. My friends Kelly and Zap are having a going-away party, so if you know them you should stop by and say goodbye (they’ll both be gone for a year) and dance. I believe the dancing is also basically open to the general public, with a small cover charge. The Tea House has a brand-new PA system, so I’m excited to see how good it sounds for a DJ set (much better than our last PA, I ancitipate).

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