good folk-y/rock-ish stuff a the Tea House tonight

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Sorry for those unhelpful and ambiguous descriptors up there, but I assure you the bands playing at the Tea Bazaar tonight are interesting and worthwhile;

Mister Baby are the well-established local group fronted by Meg Huddleston, with various folks backing her up (traditionally including Jesse and Ferd, Hackensaw Boys both). They sound like a more country-ish PJ Harvey, or maybe Janis Joplin fronting the Bad Seeds; somewhere along or between those trajectory, I think.  I have a great affection for them, not only because my first professionally published bit of music journalism was a review of one of their earliest shows, but also because they are charming and good. Recommended for fans of both Sarah White and the Fire Tapes.

Old Calf are another solid local act, fronted by the duo of Ned Oldham (of Anomoanon and Palace Brothers fame) and Matty Metcalf, though I believe they’re actually a full quartet these days. I could say all sorts of nice things about them, but it might be both more effective and more succinct if I just pointed you to the fact that their album was the favorite album of 2011 of Nailgun founder John Ruscher (who also reviewed in the C-Ville upon its release).

Dare Dukes is the unknown, out-of-town element on the bill this evening; he (that’s the name of a fellow, not a band) is a songwriter from Savannah. I’m not sure if he’s playing solo, or with his backing band the Blackstock Collection, but I do know he’s just released an album that has members of Sufjan’s band, of Montreal, and TV on the Radio playing on it, so it sounds like this guy keeps good company wherever he goes.

That starts at 9pm (soon! sorry for the late-post…) and the cover charge is $5.

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