Tea Bazaar tonight

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Sorry for the last-minute posting again; I seem to be the only one behind the wheel these days and my Friday was a busy as ever. Anyhow…

Tonight’s Tea Bazaar show features CJ Boyd, whom I’ve been a fan of for a while now; he’s an experimental solo musician and stand-up-bass player, originally from Chicago, who’s basically been touring more or less non-stop for the past few years.  He does loop-pedal based stuff that is sometimes drony and minimal, and sometimes rhythmic and dense; I highly recommend checking him out, especially if you’re a fan of Animal Hospital, Dustin Wong, Wes Swing, or Arthur Russell.

The show is being headlined, I suppose, by the local group Lester Seal and the Point. I’ve only ever interacted with Lester in the context of crowded concerts, but I’ve got to admit that I’ve always found his behavior — both during his own performances and during other people’s — to be pretty obnoxious. But he’s got some local fans, and I haven’t heard this particular band; who knows, they may be good? (If I’m not mistaken I believe the group also features a former Red Satellite.)

Rounding out the line-up is Robert Shropshire, a musician with whom I am not familiar and thus have no opinion whatsoever. {Actually, I’ve just double-checked the listing and apparently that third band is now Behipster Horrors — dont’ know anything about that group either, but I’ll avoid judging them for their use of the H-Word until I’ve heard them.}

So there you have it, folks: One act I give my most glowing and enthusiastic recommendation, one act I’ve admitted to not being enthusiastic about, and one on which I’m totally agnostic. But, either way, it’s another fun Friday night at the Tea House!  They’ll start setting up / collecting door around 9pm, and the asking price is $5.

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