Dance Party Tonight!

July 18th, 2008 · No Comments · By

There’s going to be a sweet dance party tonight at the CCDC — it’s that awesome new space that takes up the whole 2nd floor of the Market St. Parking Garage above the Mall — you know, this one.

It’s part of an installation that they’ve got up for the month, and the theme is primary colors, so wear your brightest cyans, magentas, and yellows. I’ve also done a video installation for the party, which is pretty flickery and abstract, so hopefully that will be interesting and add to the fun.

The DJ is guy named Wes, whom I don’t much about; I think he goes by the name DJ Western Front. There will be an open bar with beer and wine, which takes cash donations… The party is FREE and runs from 10pm to 2am. See you there!

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