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There’s a drone-/indie-/kraut-rock show at The Bridge tonight which I expect will be excellent:

Myceum is Scott Ritchie, who’s played some excellent pedal-based drone sets recently, opened for Dais Queue and Dick Horse recently. Simple are an indie-rock band from out of town whom I don’t know much about.

Articulate Chewbacca is a brand-new, instrumental, groovy, art-rock cville supergroup; at last count it featured Adam Smith and John Bray from Truman Sparks, Adam Brock from the Nice Jenkins, Scott from Myceum, and another person or two whom I don’t know. It’s only their third show, I believe — their first two were at Dust, and their second set was already a dramatic improvement/expansion over the first, so I’m really excited to see what they’ll come up with this time around.

The show’s an early one; doors at 8pm, music around 8:30, and we’ll be done by 11pm. Cover charge is $5.

After that you can head on over to the Outback Lodge for A Cosmonaut’s Ruin, Sangvine, and the Leviathan’s Mandible. I’m told that Steve Snyder, the drummer from the apparently-recently-departed Tapeworms and Cataract Camp, is now playing with Cosmonaut’s Ruin. I have no idea when this show starts or how much it costs, because the Outback Lodge website no longer exists; but I’m pretty sure it’ll be both possible and affordable to head straight to this show after the Bridge one and see them both.

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  • 1 James // Jul 19, 2008 at 9:50 pm

    i REALLY like Articulate Chewbacca. It’s not really that they’re objectively the “best” band in town or anything. It’s more like: they come closest to exactly pushing so many of my aesthetic buttons. They only have one song, it’s 20mins long, and it sounds awesome. Adam Smith plays what sounds like the opening gtr riff from the Soft Boys’ “Leppo and the Jooves” while Adam Brock and John Bray do the classic Dinger/Rother thing. Couldn’t distinguish the keyboard sounds as well but they certainly added to the mix; I enjoyed their set immensely.

    Brendan Fitzgerald reviewed the Chewbacca show for the C-Ville, here:

    I thought he was a little harsh on Simple; those guys weren’t so bad at all. And oddly enough, I found that the beginning and the end of the Myceum set were the best part…