Country Christmas in a New Venue, and more!

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Overall it’s looking like a thin season for events — everyone’s traveling or working or otherwise occupied — but there are quite a few things going on tonight that all look really worthwhile, so this may be one of your last opportunities to have a big night out on the town (and with unseasonably pleasant weather!) before the Holidays hit.

The biggest news, of course, is the Annual Country Christmas show!  Sarah and Jim and Sian have been doing a “Country Christmas” event in various venues around town for… wow, Eight years now, and it’s always a really good time. Sarah White will be setting the Rock&Roll aside for the evening in order to shine a light on the more folky, old-timey, Gospel-influenced side of her material, as she and Sian make an appearance as The Acorn Sisters; the sad sweetness of their lovely harmonies is charmingly offset by the acidic wit of their stage-banter, and I always enjoy hearing them play. Jim Waive will be bringing out his full band, the Young Divorcees, who always do a great job of polishing up the solid core of his performance with a full-on Country show. Sarah adds: “Party starts at 8PM !!! Come hungry and eat! Wear your favorite holiday sweater or sexy red dress! Drool on your fancy pants! Bring a decoration for the 20 foot tree! Feel free to bring your wholesome friends.” The “Highly Suggested Donation Options:” are $10 entry OR $20 entry AND sumptuous party buffet. (As always, those donations are going to support the Jefferson Area Food Bank.)

Another aspect of this that’s really exciting is that it’s the first event being held at a brand new venue in town.  I’m sure many of you remember DUST, the former warehouse venue on the corner of Market & Meade (now that it’s defunct, it’s location can be revealed!) that hosted some of the best shows in town for a number of years, providing a home for everything from noise performances to metal bands to folk shows to raves.  Dust closed its’ doors when Curt left town again about a year ago, but the space has been undergoing extensive renovation since then (expanding into the empty space next door); there’s been persistent rumors that Mattheus Frankovich has been planning to open a “biker bar” there, which kind of sounds crazy, but then again Mattheus is the man responsible for opening the Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar and bringing together the crazy crew that made that place what it was, so I’d say he’s got a pretty good track record as far as restaurant/venues go. According to this week’s issue of The Hook, the place is apparently called Vintage Brews, and I’m excited about what it might mean for the future of excellence in Charlottesville.

Another show that I certainly don’t want to overlook is a Rock show happening at Random Row Books tonight, which is cool both because there hasn’t been one there in a while, but also because the bands playing it are good ones that are worth hearing! Former locals BirdLips, now traveling troubadours, are returning to town; as always, they’ve got some new material on hand as well, so it should be cool to catch the most recent transmissions from BirdLips world.  Sharing the bill are Eternal Summers, whom we have noted on several occasions are among our favorite bands from Virginia. The last show I saw them play (opening for Borrowed Beams? or was it the Tea House show? or the Chapel?) was really excellent (whichever one it was — Eternal Summers are always great!) and they’re definitely worth checking out if you haven’t already. Rounding out the evening is Dwight Howard Johnson, whom I’m not familiar with, but sources indicate that might be a band, and not a dude’s name (see also: Jethro Tull, Alice Cooper, etc.) {UPDATE: Greg Sloan says: “DHJ is Drew Carroll, Tom Daly, and me!” They’re on first, then BirdLips, then Eternal Summers.} That starts at 8pm — unfortunately, exactly the same time as the Country Christmas show — and the cover charge is $5.

Lastly, there’s something happening at The Bridge called “Dogs On Tour,” which Jesse Dukes explains thusly: Browning Porter and I will both present original stories, but Andy Mills and Hudson Branch will be the stars of the show, performing two radio stories featured on the RadioLab podcast, with original music from the stories.” There’s a rumor Wes Swing will make an appearance as well, so that should all add up to a nice event. That’s at 8pm also, and I think they’re asking for the usual $5 donation.

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  • 1 James // Dec 16, 2011 at 3:21 pm

    also, Frankie just called me to ask if I’d DJ after Country Christmas, so of course I said yes. So that’ll probably start at like 11 (or whenever the bands finish) and go for an hour or so… I hope he’s OK with me playing all X-mas music!

  • 2 Nicholas // Dec 16, 2011 at 4:42 pm

    James, i bet your setlist is gonna smell like cinnamon and burnt Moog.