Dads Hume Gull Cup

December 9th, 2011 · No Comments · By

There’s a great four-band lineup at the Tea Bazaar tonight, well worth your time! Leading off the night is the one and only GULL (aka Nate Rappole). If you haven’t seen him by now, you have most definitely been missing out. One dude, guitar, drums, mask, badass.

Second is a new band out of CHS (yeah, f’real) called Winston Cup, 1981. They’re energetic and fun, and I for one am really excited to see some high schoolers doing something so musically edgy and interesting.

Next on the bill is Hume, who I’ve gotta say I’m really excited about. They sound a little like Animal Collective or Dirty Projectors with Arthur Russell-ish vocals. They’re also coming off of 70 days on tour, so I can happily report after seeing them earlier this week that they’re super tight and sound especially great right now.

Closing out is Great Dads, which is one of C-ville’s more ambitious rock and roll projects right now. The band features Adam Smith on guitar and Steve Snider on drums, who are both pretty much the best at what they do in town, so it’s completely unsurprising that this band is so exciting.

$7 is the going rate tonight, and things start at 8:30PM. Hear that? 8:30! It’s one of those four band things, so don’t show up at 9:15PM and be all like “What? Gull! I really wanted to see Gull, fuck!”. No sympathy here.

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