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There’s a show tonight at a relatively new-ish space for shows; [REDACTED INFO] is hosting some bands this evening (I’m not gonna publish the address, but if you don’t know where this is, contact our host or one of the musicians or one of us and we’ll tell you… hint: it’s not at Dust!) The line-up sounds really good, and I’m definitely wishing I could make it to this show myself.

Former Charlottesviller Malcolm Perkins — whom you may remember from Folkskünde, an early version of the Extraordinares, or even his earliest work as “chocolate-covered Malcolm” — is returning to town with his current band Ice Water. They’re based out of NY, but a simplified two-man version of the band is playing in Charlottesville tonight.

They’re joined by Articulate Chewbacca, which these days is a improv-noise-rock combo consisting of Malcolm’s former Folkskünde bandmate Adam Smith (whom you may know from Invisible Hand and  Great Dads), Scott Ritchie (Myceum, Infinite Jets, Cloeburner), and sometimes Dylan Mulshine (Rhythm Bandit, a million other bands). They played their first show without Dylan last week (he moved to New York), with just Scott and Adam on guitars and pedals, sort of moving away from their more “metal” material and further into Krautrock territory; it was actually one of the best things I’ve heard from either of them, reminding me at times of contemporary acts like Birchville Cat Motel or Growing. I’m told they basically plan to play the same material tonight, but this time with Dylan on drums (he’s back in town for the weekend); it should be pretty special.

Also on the bill is the Charlottesville supergroup Cat Sex, which has an ever-changing line-up consisting entirely of drummers. I’m not sure precisely who’s playing tonight, but they’re always really fun; (plus, “Cat Sex” is a fantastic name for a noise band).

That’s supposed to get started around 9pm and will probably run late… (I’m kind of hoping there’s still something going on when I get off work at 1am!)


There’s also another under-the-radar show going on at a totally different space, Charlottesville’s famed “Pink Warehouse” on Water St. There’s two acts, called It’s True and Katey Sleeveless. I don’t know much about either one — apparently they’re both from Nebraska? — but it’s put on by the folks at the Garage, so it’s sure to be a high-quality event, alebeit a much mellower one than the show described above. That show starts at 8pm.

Lastly, I ran into Tristan from Rock&Roll Cannibals yesterday, and he told me he’s playing at Dürty Nelly‘s tonight. In my humble opinion, Tristan may be one of the best overlooked musicians in town. He does scumbag rockabilly stuff reminiscent of the Cramps; songs about zombies and werewolves, an Elvis pastiche entitled “All Fucked Up,” a killer original song sung from the perspective of Frankenstein’s monster, a Misfits cover here and there… it’s good clean fun for the whole family (that’s sarcasm, folks — he also sings a tasteless X-rated ditty about fucking your grandmother. Hey, nobody’s perfect).  Anyhow, Tristan’s material is really good, and I wish I saw him play more often. I don’t know if he’s playing with a current incarnation of the Cannibals tonight, or if he’s playing solo, or — I’ve heard he also has a newer act called The Bacon Sluts, so maybe it’s that. Anyhow, it’s happening at Dürty Nelly’s over on JPA tonight.

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  • 1 James // Nov 30, 2011 at 7:58 pm

    just for posterity, noting that I changed some of the info on this post after-the-fact at the requests of our host(s); (whom, actually, I had kind of mis-identified to begin with).

    we love promoting local music, but not if it means endangering the ability of the people who make these things happen to continue doing so.

    that said, it’s kind of a bummer that there’s three different shows happening this week in locations that I can’t publicize.

    I mean, i’m glad there’s folks out there flying under-the-rader doing the good work, but this season I’m definitely wishing Charlottesville’s “legitimate,” more stable venues were more open-minded about bringing in better acts, rather than just playing it safe with alt-country and electronic-jam-bands; there’s other stuff out there too! (it’s just not happening in any places I can write about to the public at large…)

  • 2 Shootin' Moon // Dec 11, 2011 at 2:12 am

    James, thanks for trying.
    Also your Terry Riley show tonight was brilliant. SO sorry you’re no good got cut- truly off the hook.