Dance Party at the Tea House, Free Market at Random Row

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I suspect y’all have had either a fulfilling or traumatizing Thanksgiving (or some combination of the two), and are now looking to get out of the house and party. Tonight’s Dance Party at the Tea Bazaar should be a lot of fun:

It’s being put on, of course, by the Rock Department at WTJU, as both a station fundraiser, and also as a way to have a good time.  It starts at 9pm and runs until Midnight; the DJs (in this order) are: Blair from SpeakerTree Records, newly the co-host of “the Garage Sale,” Liz, a longtime WTJU listener and supporter who has recently taken over “Oogum Boogum” and will be, if I’m not mistaken, DJing her first party with the station tonight; Zak, a young UVA student who has recently taken over as co-director of the Rock Department; myself; and Robin and Colin from the ever-popular Grits & Gravy Soul & Funk Revue.  A $5 donation to WTJU gets you in the door; hope to see you there!

If you’re looking for something to do earlier in the day — other than getting trampled to death at a big box store, of course — then you might want to head over to Random Row Books; they’re having some sort of swap meet this afternoon, dubbed the “Really, Really, REALLY Free Market” (ha ha); Ali describes the event thus: “Why buy when you can share, and score wonderful presents for free!!! Come join us at Random Row Bookstore, Nov.25th from 1pm-4pm.   Snag some gifts, make some crafts, share a meal, and watch a few films on “The Story of Stuff”.” Sounds like a good way to enjoy the lovely fall afternoon.

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  • 1 James // Nov 25, 2011 at 6:18 pm

    also… uh, they’re showing “Home Alone” at the Paramount.

    I remember when “Home Alone” first came out, in the autumn of 1990, Macauley Culkin was basically the awesomest kid imaginable to myself and my fellow third-graders, and in fact the very measure of coolness in my small third-grade class was judged by how many times you had been to see “Home Alone” in the theater.

    Being a record-breaking box-office smash, it played at the now-long-gone Terrace Triple here in Charlottesville for at least six months, I think, providing plenty of opportunities for repeat-viewing amongst my peers. Needless to say, having only been to see it three or four times, I was therefore (measurably!) the least-cool boy in my class. (I know, it’s surprising, right? I think I even tried to fake it and say I had seen it more times, but would soon be called out by my peers whose viewings measured well into the triple-digits, and thus had whole scenes memorized verbatim, even if they included cultural references that went well over all of our heads.)

    The Terrace Triple, incidentally, was was at one point one of the nicer movie theaters in Charlottesville; which is kind of hard to imagine today, as that building has now been replaced by a Whole Foods’ parking lot.

    I haven’t seen a minute of this movie since 1991, though, so I have no idea if it’s a baffling kids-only artifact of yesteryear, or whether it’s got some charming aspects that hold up. It’s made by Chris Columbus and John Hughes (each responsible for a very few great films and more than a few total stinkers), and I seem to recall it stars a few veterans of the SCTV era; John Candy, Catherine O’Hara, etc. (and unless my memory fails me, I think Big Pete plays one of his siblings). It was also, as was widely noted at the time, a remarkably unprestigious role for Joe Pesci, who had just won an Oscar for “Goodfellas” a few months beforehand.

    There. That’s pretty much everything I can remember about “Home Alone.” Apart from the part where Culkin slaps his face with aftershave, and Pesci and Daniel Stern get hit in the face with paint cans.

  • 2 Sarah // Nov 25, 2011 at 7:33 pm