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There’s a few concerts of note happening around town tonight, any or all of which may catch your interest —

David Bazan and his Band are playing at the Southern —  you may remember Bazan from his work in the 90’s with/as Pedro the Lion — and I’ve just received word that locals The Fire Tapes are opening the show. (After their CD release, it seems everyone has finally recognized that the Fire Tapes 1. exist, and 2. are great, two things I’ve been saying loudly for a while now…)  The doors open at 8pm, and the cover charge is … Jeez, $12? yeah, OK, it’s twelve bucks.

Wes Swing is playing at the Tea Bazaar tonight. I’ve heard tell that his recent sets have involved a full band, although the last few I caught were just Wes playing solo cello + voice with loops; anyhow, I’d imagine his music fits a fuller line-up quite nicely. The openers are a group called Aunt Martha, with whom I’m not familiar. That’s at 10pm, cover’s $5. {UPDATE: Jacob says: “A bit of unfortunate news: Wes Swing is feeling under the weather tonight and won’t be able to play. Aunt Martha are still playing around 10pm.”}

There’s also an event at The Bridge that they just announced yesterday; two artists named Sergei Tcherepnin and Woody Sullender. Their mailing list enumerates: “considering music not only as content but also as social activity, the duo will construct a site for listening, touching, and direct engagement with sonic material.  As objects and bodies are reorganized in space, musical and physical structures emerge and disappear.  Provisional materials such as cardboard are transformed into arrays of tactile speakers which disperse the duo’s live electronic music.” The Bridge is advertising this as a “noise” event, but please be forewarned that in the Bridge’s peculiar departmental taxonomy, all non-Rock&Roll music events get categorized as “noise,” so I’m not exactly sure whether it’s gonna be straight-up Merzbow-style Noise with a capital N, or something else entirely.  But that’s NOT a premature judgement about its’ quality; it sounds like a worthwhile event, and I plan to be there myself to check it out. That starts around 8pm, and they’ll be asking for the usual $5 suggested donation.

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  • 1 ghostfacekillawhale // Nov 17, 2011 at 5:23 pm

    bazan played a packed living room show here in town a couple of months ago for $20 a head, so that $12 charge seems pretty cheap in comparison.

  • 2 Davis // Nov 17, 2011 at 5:30 pm

    Hey, Woody Sullender is cool. His banjo playing is superb, really interesting and not tied to any specific old-timey modes, more a modern improv/art approach whilst also being super-competent and not just noise or sound-art stuff (from what I’ve heard and seen in the past). Not sure that this performance relates to that at all, and most likely I won’t make it, but judging from the quality of the stuff I have experienced, my guess is that it will be very good and anyone interested in this kinda thing—improv, solo guitar/banjo, good art—will probably find things to like.

  • 3 Davis // Nov 17, 2011 at 5:36 pm

    Wow, dude’s bio even more interesting. He’s a WFMU DJ and mentions Pauline Oliveros and Maryanne Amacher as people he has worked with. Promising!

  • 4 Jacob // Nov 17, 2011 at 6:05 pm

    A bit of unfortunate news: Wes Swing is feeling under the weather tonight and won’t be able to play. Aunt Martha are still playing around 10pm.

    Also, that $20 ticket for the Bazan living room show was totally worth it.