Friday Night

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There’s a handful of events going on tonight…

The big one, I suppose, is the CD release party for The Hill & Wood. If you somehow haven’t heard the band yet, you’re probably at least familiar with Sam Bush, proprietor of The Garage, and all-around nice guy. Sam’s been playing as The Hill & Wood (named, of course, after the funeral home next to The Garage) in various incarnations for a few years now, and this is their formal recorded debut. Sam’s music is incredibly earnest and sincere, but definitely has enough credibility to carry it over and make it work. I haven’t heard the CD yet, but secondhand reports indicate it translated well to recording.

The CD release is happening tonight at The Haven (aka the former church / current homeless shelter and resource center), right around the corner from The Garage on Market St. Sam says: “Doors at 7PM // Show at 8PM // $10 gets you inside w/ a copy of the album.” Apparently Carl Anderson and Woe Pony are opening, though I can’t tell you much because I only recognize Carl’s name and have never heard of “Woe Pony.”

There’s also a concert at The Tea Bazaar, with a whopping four full bands tonight. I’ll be running the show, although I didn’t book it so I can’t tell you much about it; Jacob says it’s “post-rock kind of stuff,” although it seems kind of unclear what people are talking about when they call things “post-rock” these days.  Anyhow, the bands are Raintree, Backwords, Sealions, and Lotus Grid. I think several of them are local, though I know at least one is from Brooklyn. Anyhow, I’m betting some of them are gonna be worth hearing; Probably gonna start around 9pm sharp (I hope!) and the cover, I believe, will be $5.

I’ve also just heard about another concert tonight with Winston Cup, 1981 (a not-bad local High School band whom I ran a show with a few weeks back) and Len Lye (not to be confused with the deceased New Zealand experimental film pioneer, musician, and sculptor; I think this Len Lye is actually the brother of one of the Winston Cup dudes?). I’m told this concert’s happening at The Garden, but I can’t actually get any confirmation about what the hell “the Garden” is or where that’s located… some quick searching reveals maybe that’s on JPA? (Seriously, has anyone ever heard of that place before? Is it a restaurant, or a house show, or what>). I do know it’s a free concert, though.

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  • 1 lisa // Nov 11, 2011 at 7:08 pm

    the garden is on the corner of jpa and brandon ave, entrance off jpa. i don’t know what they do there, but i have heard of bands using it as a practice space.