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Somehow we never got around to writing up last night’s Mock Stars Ball at the Southern, but I don’t feel too bad about it because the event was certainly very well-attended. I’m told the highlight of the evening was Borrowed Beams’ appearance as The Clash, which sadly I missed; I did get to hear Astronomers as the Smashing Pumpkins (really glad I’m not the only person who isn’t ashamed to admit they’re a Smashing Pumpkins fan in 2011!) as well as Invisible Hand as the Beastie Boys (they actually sounded oddly like the Melvins, too, and also covered a Who song — my description makes it sound terrible, but it was actually pretty cool). There’s the second part of that event happening tonight, with Kings of Belmont as Pink Floyd, PantherBurn as the  Violent Femmes, the Eli Cook Band as Nirvana, Sinclarity as U2, and… a local Soundgarden tribute band (yes, we  really do have one!) as Tool. That’s starting around 8:00 PM and the cover charge is $15.

… for my money, the most promising show tonight is the one at the Magnolia House; local keyboard-based aggro-post-punk trio Nurse Beach are making another appearance (I have greatly enjoyed every one of their shows), along with talented and mercurial songwriter David Benson as DBB Plays Cups. Former local (and Nailgun contributor) Gary Canino, who now lives in New York, was supposed to make an appearance with his new band, along with another act called Slothbear, but apparently their car broke down (no clue if this is related to New York’s record-breaking October snowfall) so they’re not gonna make it. The good news is that Gary himself hopped on a train and is headed down here now, so he’s probably going to play solo (and, I’m guessing, probably with DBB as well?) so that should be cool. That will probably get started around 9pm, and maybe bring a buck or two for the door?

There’s also a show at The Garage tonight; I don’t know much about the acts, but Maureen at New City Arts sez: Psalmships return with their ambient, eerie ghost-folk tunes that we’ve enjoyed so often at the Garage. Homemade Knives open things up at 8pm.” I’m not sure if they’re gonna close the doors for warmth and have a smaller, more intimate show, or whether it’s gonna be outside in the freezing (literally) cold, but I do know that in the past the Garage folks have done stuff like give out free hot cider, so either way they know how to be hospitable.

Lastly, Patrick Critzer is DJing at The Box tonight; so if all you’re looking for is a few drinks and some dancing, then that should be a good one. That’ll probably go from around 10pm-ish through last call, and there’s no cover.

Oh, and whatever you do tonight, remember to wear a costume!  I didn’t wear one last night (my reasoning being that Halloween wasn’t until Monday, plus I kind of ran out of time) and I felt like a total, total dork. All I’m saying is a pair of Groucho Glasses are like $2 at CVS.

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  • 1 Hunter // Oct 29, 2011 at 7:12 pm

    That shit was awesome. Thanks for coming/playing errybody

  • 2 Matt B // Oct 31, 2011 at 10:12 am

    The Clash was indeed great but Corsair as Thin Lizzy blew me the @$#% away.

  • 3 dragonmarie // Oct 31, 2011 at 12:58 pm

    I gotta say The Boss was BOSS, I wish I coulda watched The Clash (cos I think it was probably fun as hell to watch), The Killers were totally on point, Beasties were gnarly fun, Thin Lizzy, again, I wish I coulda seen it, especially with that hawt Phil Lynott up there, and the Pumpkins crushed… probably one of the most amazing musical events I’ve ever been a part of. Thanks everyone!

  • 4 Matt B // Nov 1, 2011 at 11:14 am

    Yeah, really everyone was on point. I didn’t mean to imply comparisons. It was so much fun.