good punk show at the Tea House

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Tonight’s Tea Bazaar show should be pretty killer;

Girl Choir are a new band of Charlottesville rock and punk veterans; they’re fronted by Maynard Sipe (who put together a great many great local shows back in the 80’s and 90’s) backed by True Love Always / Flin Flon’s Matt Datesman (whom you may also recognize from the Parking Lot Movie) and a guy named Charlie who was once a member of The Landlords, Charlottesville’s mid-80’s hardcore band (who eventually became the infamous Happy Flowers). Girl Choir played their first show opening up for James McNew’s Dump project back in August, and it was pretty awesome (in addition to playing a super-solid set, they also brought a lot of former regulars out of the woodwork, including more than a few folks I hadn’t seen at a show in a long time). I believe this is only their second show, and I’m excited to hear them again.

War Tempest are another solid local act, consisting of Colten Noakes, Tony Zanella, and Jonny Kuthy; they sound a fair amount like Big Black, and I tend to like them more every time I see them play.

No Brainer are the youngest band on the bill, the pop-punk project Dan Sebring, formerly of Northern Diver and Drunk Tigers. (You may also have seen two of their members backing Max Katz in the Miami Nights trio last week).  I’m not always crazy about pop-punk (a lot of it is too clean and professional for my ears), but these guys are raw and lively enough that I really enjoy their set.

The show is $5, and should start a little after 9pm. There’s no other events in town tonight that I’m aware of, so why not come check it out?

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  • 1 James // Oct 16, 2011 at 12:10 am

    OK, so when I said “there’s no other events in town tonight that I’m aware of,” I somehow missed the fact that the dude from Phish was playing at the Pavilion (although I certainly became aware of this when their jazzy strains floated over the railroad tracks and into my bedroom window.)

    I guess the _____ Pavilion eventually stopped sending me their press releases when I kept making fun of their name(brand) change… which, let’s face it, is no significant loss. But I do apologize for any person who checks the Nailgun calendar looking for the Pavilion concert listings, if such a person even exists.

  • 2 James // Oct 16, 2011 at 12:11 am

    Girl Brainer sounded really good tonight!

    (so did War Choir, at least the part of their set that I caught)