Malkmus and the Jicks tonight!

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So I’m sure all of you are plenty excited about this one already, but here’s your obligatory notice (in case you somehow missed it) that Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks are playing at the Jefferson tonight!

Charlottesville indie-rock fans (and WTJUers in particular) love to claim Pavement as a hometown band, despite the fact that Pavement were kind of from all over the place (I believe it’s true that all five of them were never living in the same city at the same time). But it’s also true that Stephen Malkmus is a UVA graduate, a former DJ on WTJU, and was a part of the late-80’s/early-90’s cville underground rock scene centered around the fabled “rock house” over on JPA (which I believe housed David Berman of the Silver Jews and Tanya Donelly of Throwing Muses / Breeders at various points in its’ storied history).

Anyhow, recent extremely lucrative reunions notwithstanding, Pavement haven’t been a band for over 10 years, and the Jicks are Malkmus’ current musical project (starting in 2000, they’ve now been around almost as long as Pavement was); he’s long ago shied away from the beloved sloppy-slacker moves of Pavement’s early Fall-influenced material, continuing down the 70’s-Rock / guitar-heroics path suggested by Pavements’ later work, but his new album is, comparatively, something of a return to form (or, at the very least, it tends to be the one the diehard Pavement fans seem to like the most); it was produced by Beck, it came out a few weeks ago, and it was very nearly named “L.A. Gunz” (about which you can read a really funny anecdote on Dave Berman’s blog).

The current Jicks line-up contains members of Quasi and Corin Tucker’s band, and they’re playing here in town at the Jefferson tonight! Tickets are $18 at the door, the show starts at 9:00 (doors at 8), and the openers are Holy Sons. Don’t miss it!

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