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So here’s an opportunity to answer that ‘a tree falls in the forest’ question once and for all: A great touring band comes to Charlottesville, but any of the approximately seven local bands that would have paired nicely with them are each otherwise indisposed. So, does anyone see the show? Well, the band in question is called CAVE and they’re playing at the Tea Bazaar this evening. Originally from Missouri, they’ve since migrated to Chicago, where they’ve been getting plenty of attention for making really great drony rock and roll. It looks and sounds like this:

Show’s at 10PM and I’m gonna let these guys rage as long as they feel like it, so come out and enjoy. Just $5! Here’s some other nice things that people have said (thanks, James) about CAVE:

From Aquarius Records:

“…Cave, whose recent instore performance totally blew us away. It says a lot about a band that can put together a totally improvised set, with limited gear and various members changing up instruments, and still sound better and tighter and catchier and more rocking than most bands playing their own songs on their proper gear NOT in a record store.
Born from the space drone psych outfit Warhammer 48K, these guys left Missouri, ended up in Chicago, added a whole bunch of new members and became Cave, a kick ass spaced out kraut-drone hypno rock collective, equal parts Circle, Can, Lightning Bolt and Hawkwind, but so much more. Their first record, Hunt Like Devil, was a glorious cacophony of circular riffage, frenetic drumming, woozy basslines, wild synths, and killer hooks, groovy, hypnotic, space-y…”

And more on their new Drag City record:

“The return of our favorite crew of psychedelic hypno krautrock worshippers, with another disc of cyclical, spaced out mesmer, a heady blend of Circle style single riff mantra-rock, classic krautrock stylings and modern minimal psychedelia, all woven into a sound that while reminiscent of much of what came before has definitely been fashioned over the last few records into something distinctly Cave-like.”

Also, I just learned that there’s a square-dancing party at Magnolia. To which I said, “huh?” But of course there is! No word on time or, well… I don’t even know what details would be relevant to pass along… appropriate footwear?

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