Andrew Cedermark and a band called Bobby

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There’s a show at the Tea Bazaar tonight which should be pretty good:

The touring act is a group of Bennington folks by the name of BOBBY (or rather, that’s the name of the band itself, not the name of each of the band members). I haven’t heard their music, but several folks with good taste speak highly of them; I believe the act features two of the girls from the excellent and much-beloved trio Mountain Man (whose third member, incidentally, is now a Cville local) — I think one of the Mountain-Man-girls is on their record, but her bandmate is filling in tour? something like that… anyhow, I except they’ll be worth seeing. Simon Jolly (Bennington grad and Tea House music guy c. 2004-06) speaks highly of them, and describes them as “psych dream pop.”

Sharing the bill is local favorite Andrew Cedermark; he was last seen gracing the Tea House stage as a surprise member of DBB last week, but the last two “proper” Cedermark shows I’ve heard (at al-Hamraa and the UVa Chapel) were both really excellent, with the bands’ arrangement sounding tighter than ever, and a lot of new songs being debuted.

It begins around 10pm this evening, and the cover charge is $5! (The other concert happening in town this evening is a white Rastafarian band. So if I were you, I’d check out the Tea House show.)

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