Emperor X at the Tea Bazaar, Punk / Garage Rock Show at Magnolia

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There’s a great lineup at the Tea Bazaar tonight. The featured act this evening is Emperor X, who is one of my favorite musicians/people out there. Chad Matheny, the man behind the curtain, has been writing, recording, and touring under that name for about a decade now. I first met him playing a basement show at Summit House way back in the day and was instantly blown away. Chad’s a bit of an sonic experimentalist, and has a knack for really cool bizarre analog production techniques that give his recordings a very unique feel. But besides production, he’s also got quite a distinct artistic vision that draws on themes of mass transport, technology, science and communication. He’s a bit of a nerd, but it’s one of his music’s most endearing qualities. He’s also a totally captivating live performer, so definitely don’t miss out!

The bill tonight also includes Steve Snider’s solo project Golden Glasses which, in previous appearances, has been really really amazing. Steve may well be the best drummer in Charlottesville and this is him basically going absolutely berserk and pushing the envelope of his talents. It’s along the lines of Gull, minus the guitar, but faster and more technical. It’s real sick!

The Front Bottoms, I’ll admit, I know considerably less about. They’re Emperor X’s tourmates and labelmates on Bar None Records, both of which should be considered solid endorsements. And opening up the night is DBB Plays Cups, who I’d be shocked if, as a reader of this blog, you don’t know by now. But if you’re late to the party, just know that David Baker Benson, the brain behind the band, is one of the wittiest, most offbeat, excellent songwriters around, and his live show is always full of surprises. So don’t be late — with four bands on the bill he’s on at about 8PM. It’s $7.

Meanwhile, over at Magnolia tonight, there’s another four band bill, this one of the punk / garage rock variety. There’s two touring bands from Seattle called Shakes and Lindseys, who a cursory examination of their websites reveal to be cool and worthwhile. There’s also Chelsey Weber-Smith, who is apparently from Washington state, but now lives here and is making her C-ville debut tonight. And starting off the night (I think) is Dan Sebring, the frontman for No Brainer, and one-time Drunk Tiger. I think he’s kicking it solo tonight. The Facebook Event for this one says it starts at 8PM, and under the new Magnolia management, who knows, it might actually start around then! Five dollar suggested donation for the traveling folks.

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  • 1 Matt B // Sep 14, 2011 at 5:20 pm

    As a somewhat related aside to all this, does anyone know whatever happened to that old Cville band Frontbutt?

  • 2 Matt B // Sep 15, 2011 at 10:46 am

    I arrived quite late but caught Steve’s impressive set. Golden Glasses is not messing around. Or maybe he is and that’s the point. Either way, I dig it!