Eternal Summers and Reading Rainbow, plus Radio Bistro

September 12th, 2011 · No Comments · By

Tonight’s Tea Bazaar show is one you won’t wanna miss; Roanoke’s Eternal Summers and Reading Rainbow from Philadelphia!

Eternal Summers are a band we’ve written about several times in these pages, and the reason for that is that they’re totally awesome. The past two sets they’ve played in town (at the Southern opening for Borrowed Beams, and at the Chapel playing WTJU’s welcome-back-students show) might be my two favorite performances by them, although that also might just be an observation-bias; anyhow, they’re always excellent, and I’m excited to hear their moody-yet-exuberant, sharp-edged pop-rock again tonight.

Reading Rainbow are sharing the bill; the only music of theirs I’ve heard is actually the split single they did with Eternal Summers a few years back, but people keep telling me how great their stuff is, and I know several folks who are just as excited to hear them tonight as I am excited to hear Eternal Summers.

Articulate Chewbacca are the opening act; that’s the improv, heavy-psych / stoner-metal trio of Invisible Hand’s Adam Smith, Infinite Jets’ Scott Ritchie, and Teen Dreams’ Dylan Mulshine. They’re always pretty awesome, so that should make for a really well-rounded and excellent bill, even if their style contrasts significantly with that of the two headliners… (hey, it’s better than three bands that all sound the same, right? plus, tricking indie-rock fans into liking stoner metal is always an admirable move in my book).

Tea House shows are categorically over before Midnight, so if you’re looking to fill the remaining two hours between the end of that show and last call, I’d highly suggest stopping by the C&O, where Thomas Dean will be spinning records all night for Radio Bistro. It’s Thomas’ second time doing the Bistro, and we’re looking into running the sound-system outside and upstairs in the future, so that those of who show up to the event but then spend the entire evening smoking on the back porch might actually, you know, get to hear some music while you’re there. That’s from 10pm -2am and there’s no cover charge.

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