a Hurricane of concerts! (or, “please insert a better joke here”)

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So, in addition to the small amount of light rain we might be getting this weekend, there also a significant number of notable concerts going on this evening:

The big one, of course, the farewell concert for Devon Sproule and Paul Curreri, two of the nicest folks and nicest musicians to grace Charlottesville with their presence over in recent years.

For years Devon and Paul have been constant presences, much-lauded in the Charlottesville music community, to the point where, when I finally met them and paid attention to their music, I felt extremely foolish for having overlooked them for so long. But big Cville-music news of the season is, of course, that the two of them are moving to Germany! Paul explains why in an interview with Andrew in this weeks’ C-Ville, but the short version is that it’s much easier for artists to support themselves in Europe.

Nevertheless, they are certainly very much appreciated in Charlottesville, and their farewell concert tonight (for which, of course, they have promised many special guest appearances) should definitely be a blast. They both have albums coming out soon, too, although if I’m not mistaken the release dates for both of those are still a ways off. The concert is this evening at the Jefferson, doors open at 7:oo with the showtime at 8pm, and tickets are $17 at the door.

There’s plenty else going on this evening as well:

Advance Base is playing tonight at the Tea Bazaar; while that name may not be familiar (I didn’t recognize it) you may remember Owen Ashworth for his work in the early 00’s as Casiotone for the Painfully Alone! So this is his new band, or his new name for his continuing solo project — or whichever, it’s the Casiotone guy. Those who spent their youths sobbing quietly in art school dormitories with the curtains drawn will doubtlessly recognize his emo/lo-fi/bedroom-pop as the soundtrack for many of those occasions. He’s playing with Concern, a group from Portland who have been described as making “antique collage sounds,” and Charlottesville’s own Beako, aka Danny Zezeskie (to whom I recently sold a guitar I never learned how to play), who has been doing some very nice solo stuff recently, quite different from his work with Northern Diver and backing various country/folk acts. That’s at 9pm, the cover is $8.

There’s also a show at al-Hamraa with three heavy-ish bands; Charlottesville’s Sharkopath, and two groups (both from Richmond, I believe) called Cleric and Equestrians. Not sure about Cleric, but I’ve heard Equestrians before, and if you like Sharkopath you will probably like them (and vice versa). Doors are at 9pm, cover is $5.

That’s it for tonight. Stay dry, and let’s hope the power stays on!

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  • 1 Hunter // Aug 27, 2011 at 6:21 pm

    Looks like War Tempest and Nurse Beach are jumping on in lieu of Cleric and Equestrians per Facebook