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So you may have noticed — due to the extra 20,000 people who arrived in town last weekend — that the students are back. We at WTJU have decided, for the second year in a row, to throw a sort of “welcome-back” show for them (or I guess just a “welcome” show for new students).

Fittingly, we’ve selected three of the very finest bands located in the nearby area, and we’re putting on a free show this evening!

Regular readers of this blog will surely be familiar with these acts by now, but for the uninitiated, allow me to elaborate:

Eternal Summers are a duo (sometimes trio, these days) from Roanoke who do jangly, hook-laden, ebullient angsty garage-pop; when you hear them play you will love them, and they seem to be writing and performing new songs faster than they can record and release them; their set opening for Borrowed Beams at the Southern a few weeks ago was perhaps the best I’ve heard from them yet, and I’m really eager to hear them again.

Sarah White is one of those superlatively excellent performers that makes category distinctions like rock, folk or country seem totally irrelevant; I’ve heard her play dozens of times over the years in various different arrangements, and every one of those has been a musical home-run. The latest version of her backing band the Pearls ain’t bad at all, and they’ve recently recorded some favorite staples from the live-show which sound great.

Andrew Cedermark is a fame-shy local famous person, who used to be the guitarist for Titus Andronicus but quit that band and came back to Charlottesville to enjoy life in the south and continue his much-better solo career; his stuff sounds like a combination of Galaxie 500 and the Microphones, his live performances can be both understated and reckless but it just makes his sprawling confessional guitar opuses sound that much better. (Here’s some footage of him performing at last years’ WTJU-welcomes-the-students-back concert.)

That’s at the UVa Chapel (there’s no more specific name for it, it’s just called “the UVa Chapel” — directly to the Northwest of Jefferson’s famous Rotunda) tonight at 8:00pm sharp; there will also be music provided by WTJU DJs (including, apparently, myself) before, in-between, and after the sets. And it’s free! Come check it out.


For those looking for something to do on campus earlier in the day, renowned digital sound artist Steven Vitiello will be giving a talk at over at Old Cabell Hall around 3:30 in the afternoon. He’s into site-specific installations and field-recordings and things like that; my favorite piece of his is a recording in which each completely-separated stereo channel is a wind-noise-heavy field-recording made on top of each tower in the World Trade Center, just a few months before they were destroyed (that piece was in the 2002 Whitney Biennial, and was on the CD that came with the catalog of the show). {UPDATE: oops, I am an idiot! the talk by Steven Vitiello is actually happening on September 9th, i.e. two weeks from today. Sorry, my mistake!}

There’s also a screen-printing salon over at the JohnSarahJohn space on West Main; a fellow named James Anthony¬† will be “printing your printables beginning at 6:00PM – Bring your lighter-colored tees, hoodies, scarves, bedding, anything with a large, untextured printing space and we’ll gussy it up for only $8.00 an item”

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  • 1 victoria // Aug 26, 2011 at 8:23 am

    i *think* the talk by steven vitiello is actually on september 9th, at least according to the UVA music events calendar i have. i’m looking forward to it!

  • 2 James // Aug 26, 2011 at 11:16 am

    oh wait, I am an idiot. that is like, two Fridays from now.
    this is what happens when I write posts at 1am. oops!