Take Your Pick

August 12th, 2011 · No Comments · By

Tonight we are offered the difficult choice of which Sebring brother we would like to hear perform:

Dan Sebring (formerly of Drunk Tigers) is the frontman for No Brainer, a pop-punk act who are definitely likeable even if you’re not the sort of person who automatically gets enthusiastic about pop-punk to begin with. They’re playing at the Tea Bazaar this evening, along with Hooking Up, a group from Harrisonburg whose set underwhelmed me when they opened for La Sera a while back. The other bands on the bill are Climbers and Firetrucks; I don’t know anything about either of those bands. But they are named Climbers! and Firetrucks! The cover charge is $5 and the show starts at 9pm.

Dan’s brother Paul Sebring, however, is the frontman for Corsair, Charlottesville’s beloved retro-glam-metal act. They’ll be playing at the Southern tonight; a group called Disastronaut is opening, and I think Cville’s own Red Rattles have just been added to the bill. That’s $7, doors are at 9pm.

… Lastly, adding to a recent spate of last-minute events where Adam&Thomas have DJed largely unannounced, I’ve just been informed that they’ll be playing records tonight at Mono Loco. Adam says “I swear this is the last at least until next week”

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