Bleeker and Buddies at Alhamraa, Neko Case at the Jefferson

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Well, I for one am very excited about the show tonight down at Alhamraa! Let me count the ways…

The star of the show tonight is my good bud Bleeker, who is here tonight with his band (formally ‘Alex Bleeker & The Freaks‘, who release their records via Underwater Peoples). You may recognize Bleeker as the bass player for the chill and shoegazey Real Estate, but his solo work is a little more on the country side, with the apparent influences of Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen. Dude writes some really solid, catchy songs delivered with a nice, endearing croon.

But that’s not all! The bill tonight also features Articulate Chewbacca — Adam Smith, Dylan Mulshine, and Scott Ritchie — rockin’ out; Flower Orgy, led by another of my college cohorts and all around swell dude Nate Luce, who are touring with Bleeker; and of course I’m excited to be playing this show tonight myself alongside Andrew Cedermark. We have some new songs for you tonight, as well as all the old hits.

Things are slated to kick off around 8PM and all at a bargain basement $5.

Meanwhile, speaking of amazing crooners, Neko Case is at The Jefferson tonight! If you don’t know her, she’s an extremely talented songwriter with a great, distinctive voice, and when she’s not doing her solo thing she’s a member of the all-star group New Pornographers. On any other night, that’s exactly where I’d be, and I’m sure that’s where many of you will be tonight, and Nailgun highly recommends that one as well! One Doug Paisley is opening up — I don’t know him, but he’s in fine company! Starts at 8PM and tickets are $33 at the door.

Also, you should listen to this if you haven’t already. Which has nothing to do with the aforementioned show, but it’s my soapbox so I’ll plug whatever I want to!

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