stellar Tea Bazaar line-up / then Radio Bistro @ C&O!

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Tonight’s show at the Tea House looks pretty fantastic, and I’m really bummed to have to miss out on it (more on that later); I highly encourage you to go check it out, it’s definitely going to be one of the better shows this week.

The headlining touring act is D Charles Speer; I guess most folks (myself included) know him as one of the members of New York’s legendary experimental folk/blues/rock/improv/noise group No Neck Blues Band, but he’s also been doing some solo stuff recently with his own band, D Charles Speer and the Helix. He’s actually played in town before (and we’ve reviewed his records as well), although sadly he always seems to be performing here on a night when I’m doing something else. Anyhow, you should be excited to hear him play tonight; he’s got a new record out on the esteemed Thrill Jockey label, and the track I’ve heard from it is really solid; it’s got a Greek-flavored folk theme, but is also identifiably American in its’ guitar sound, and identifiably contemporary in terms of production; definitely recommended for fans of the Sun City Girls school of thought.

There are more than a few excellent local acts backing him up on the bill tonight; David Benson is returning to town from a summer in Deutschland, and will be performing as DBB Plays Cups; I have no idea what the line-up for that will be tonight, but knowing David he’ll most likely attempt to recruit some of the other performers as his unrehearsed backing band. Ned Oldham, of Old Calf, the Anomoanon, Palace Brothers, etc. will also be playing tonight, which is always nice. The show listings also say “with special guest Sarah White,” and I’m not clear on whether that means Sarah will be playing with Ned, or whether she’ll just also do some solo stuff at some point during the show; either possibility should be pretty special. There’s also a band on the bill named Sin City, and I have no idea who or what that is. (UPDATE: apparently “Sin City” is Betsy from the Fire Tapes! this certainly is an all-star Cville line-up…)

So that fantastic line-up begins at 9pm at the Tea Bazaar tonight, and the cover charge is a very reasonable $5 ($1 per act!), and you’d be a fool not to attend it.

HOWEVER, all good things must come to an end, and all Tea Bazaar shows must end before Midnight, so if you’re looking for a good spot to digest the good show you’ve just seen and/or grab a nightcap while the evening is still young, you should most certainly stop by the C&O for this week’s edition of Radio Bistro!

This week’s special guest DJ is Blair Amberly, a fine fellow with a marvelous record collection, whom I try to talk into DJing more often and who sometimes says yes. He’s the guy who runs the SpeakerTree record label, who have put out a few great releases including Cloud Nothings, Borrowed Beams, and Swimsuit — but he’s also a total soul & funk nerd, and has probably the best collection of true-school hip-hop that I’ve ever seen outside of New York City (not to mention the best collection of giant-ass vintage ghetto-blaster boomboxes that I’ve seen anywhere.)  This is actually an uncharacteristically productive week for Blair, DJ-wise; he was the substitute host of “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” on WTJU last week (really glad to have that dude at the station!) and put in a guest appearance at Grist & Gravy on Thursday, so hopefully you’re not all totally burned out on hearing Blair DJ by now (I know I’m not!). Since tonight is Radio Bistro anyway, you’ll get to hear a totally different set of tunes; more slow jams, classic garage stuff, material from the contemporary fuzzy indie-rock underground, etc.

I’ll be joining Blair, trading off sets from 10pm til 2am; there’s no cover, and downstairs at the C&O is the best location in town, so you should definitely stop by for a bit and a drink after that Tea House show. See y’all tonight?

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  • 1 Mark // Jul 25, 2011 at 5:36 pm

    Word on the street is 1/2 of Sin City is the awesomely talented Betsy Milton of the Fire Tapes.