Electronic Music at Magnolia

June 28th, 2011 · No Comments · By

There’s a last-minute show happening at Magnolia tonight; an electronic musician from France who goes by Lafidki is coming through on tour, and Dylan and I are the supporting acts on the bill.

Lafidki‘s stuff sounds nice — what little I’ve heard of it, anyway — so I’m interested to hear his set. Dylan will be performing as Teen Dreams, which I guess is what he’s calling his solo electronic stuff these days (formerly it was Rhythm Bandit, although Dylan also performs in Krull and Articulate Chewbacca Mk. II and a few other acts that I can’t even keep straight).

Afterwards I — DJ Hummingbird Feeder — will be playing records, and in keeping with the electronic theme I’ll be dusting off a all of my old LPs from when I was a die-hard IDM and Breakcore obsessive in high school and early college; lots of now-forgotten underground classics by Gescom, Funkstörung, and Cylob, as well as heavier shit like Venetian Snares, Tusken Raiders, and Squarepusher. It seems like nobody listens to or talks about that stuff anymore, but tonight is your chance to get a head start on the inevitable 2021 retro-electronica revival.

That’s starting around 9ish I guess, and I’ll keep spinning records afterwards for as long as folks want to hang around (and/or until our hosts want to go to bed). Contact Dylan for directions if you’ve never been to Magnolia before — it’s a house-show kind of thing. It would probably be considerate to bring some Euros for the Frenchman; I’m told there is also free cake, and we may go swimming afterwards if it’s not still raining.

In other news, Heavy Burner is playing at The Box tonight. I haven’t heard them in a while and can’t remember who’s in the band or what they sound like, but I do remember that I liked them. That’s probably around 10:30 or so, and like all shows at The Box it’s free and it’s 21+.

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