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There’s plenty of pleasant things to do on this hot sweaty summer night; we were late in getting on the sidebar calendar, so I want to take a second to highlight tonight’s show at Al-Hamraa. Relatively new-ish local supergroup Infinite Jets are the main attraction; that’s the group fronted by Matt Bierce from Drunk Tigers and Drew Carroll from Red Satellites; they’re joined by Dave Stone of Sharkopath / Tapeworms etc; and backed by the startling solid rhythm section of Scott Ritchie and Greg Sloan. They are a fun rock band who play good songs, and I’m excited to see them again. They’re joined by the significantly heavier local metalcore act War Tempest (also supergroup of sorts, with Colten Noakes, Jonny Kuthy, and Tony Zanella, all of whose names I may or may not have just misspelled) and a group from Harrisonburg called Elephant Child, who have come through town a bunch in the past, and I believe share some members with some other solid local bands (a the moment I can’t remember which ones, so I’m gonna go ahead and say “Order” and there’s a statistical likelihood I’ll be correct). Bierce says the show starts at “9:30 or 10” and the cover is $5. Al-Hamraa is an usual but also super-fun place for a show, so if you haven’t been there before tonight’s a good opportunity to check it out!

The biggest show of the evening is of course the Junior Boys show at the venue which I still insist on calling the Charlottesville Pavilion, because neither that phone company nor that beer distributor has paid me any money to go around advertising for them. I mean, y’all know which venue I’m talking about; how many garish white monstrosities occupying formerly public space do we have around here? {UPDATE: OH MAN OH MAN am I ever an idiot. That show is at the Jefferson! Sorry folks, I’ve been working some 12-hr days this week and my mind is melted beyond use. It’s at the Jefferson! the Jefferson the Jefferson the Jefferson! Sorry.}

Anyhow, the Junior Boys are pretty great; they accomplish the seemingly-impossible task of being a contemporary new-wave / synth-pop / indie-dance act that I actually enjoy (I’m not terribly familiar with their overall career, but this song, I think, is my favorite). And I was pleasantly surprised to learn that some Charlottesville expatriots, our old friends from BirdLips, will be joining them as the opening act!  There’s also a band called Miracle Fortress but I don’t know anything about them. We hosted a ticket giveaway on our Facebook page yesterday; I think Jacob’s currently writing up the announcement about the winner over there, but I’m just gonna go ahead and spill the beans and tell you that Richard Bloom is the winner! Enjoy the show, Richard.

The Charlottesville Derby Dames are also competing tonight, in a hometown bout at the — Downtown Arena? Is that what it’s called? It’s the Ice Park, that one. (I’ve got nothing against their new name, I just can’t remember it, and I’m betting most of you can’t either). {UPDATE: this joke no longer funny, see above.} They’ll be competing against the Star City Rollergirls; the doors open at 6pm, and it starts at 7! The advance tickets are gone but I believe you can still get in at the door (for $10? is that correct?)

You could also go see “Jaws” at the Paramount Theatre; this film was Steven Speilberg’s 1975 blockbuster which ushered in the modern era of — oh who am I kidding, you know what “Jaws” is. The 4pm show is underway, but you can still catch the 7pm show (which will include “beer tasting and hot dog sampling,” which is certainly an enticement as far as I’m concerned). I’m not sure if this is part of the Paramount‘s new plan to start screening 35mm prints on loan from the Library of Congress, which case it’s a rare opportunity for a fantastic screening — or whether they’re just popping in the ol’ “Jaws” DVD as per usual, in which case who cares because you can do that at home.

I thought that was all that was happening tonight, BUT Jacob has just reminded me that there are two other shows of note: Olivia Mancini is playing at the Garage, she’s “ex-Washington Social Club / Donny Hue and the Colors, and an all-around badass veteran of some rad bands from DC by way of NY” — and  there’s also Small Sur and Nettles at the Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar. So if you’re not going to any of the above shows, maybe check out one of those! It is a fine night to leave the house and see a concert (or girls on rollerblades, or a shark) — the rest of our summer evenings should be so blessed!

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  • 1 Jacob // Jun 18, 2011 at 6:04 pm

    Compliments on the righteous Pavilion rant… but that show is at The Jefferson.

  • 2 Infinite Jets // Jun 18, 2011 at 6:34 pm

    Thanks James! Band order for the Al Hamraa show: War Tempest first, Elephant Child second, Infinite Jets last. Doors are at 9:30. War Tempest at like 10 or so probs. Us Jets probably won’t play until around midnight when Drew is off work, so even if you can’t come earlier, check out the show later. Rock.

  • 3 James // Jun 18, 2011 at 7:53 pm

    what the fuck. did i do that?
    oh man. whoops. sorry.

    i’ve been working 12-hr days. my brain is friiiied.
    i’ll change it ASAP.

  • 4 James // Jun 18, 2011 at 7:59 pm

    ok, it’s fixed.
    jesus. ugh. it was even ON the poster I was looking at.
    I am dumb.

    btw, Jacob — do you have post-editing capabilities?
    I can’t remember. If not: do you want them?

  • 5 Matt // Jun 18, 2011 at 8:13 pm

    Thanks for the post James. Doors for the Al Hamraa show are at 9:30. War Tempest is first, then Elephant Child, then us Jets last at the stroke of midnight. Rock.

  • 6 Jacob // Jun 18, 2011 at 8:28 pm

    I have to check on that. It’d definitely be better and easier than calling out errors in the comments section. ; )