great Garage show tonight (also CLAW)

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I just found out this was happening, but there’s a show tonight at The Garage that looks excellent:

Perpetually-touring Chicagoan and experimental bassist CJ Boyd has played in town several times before, and every time I’ve caught his performance he’s been a great part of a great line-up; maybe you heard him opening for Kania Teffer at Magnolia last year? Or maybe playing with Steven Steinbrink, Hell-Kite, and Diamond Center at that same house, back before it even had a name? He’s also played the Tea Bazaar a few times, though somehow I missed those. Anyway, CJ’s music is really excellent; he plays a stand-up bass, sings, and runs everything through various pedals… I particularly enjoyed his set for a quiet and considerate crowd seated on a living room floor last summer, mere hours after leaving a huge concert by The Books; CJ’s music actually had all of the thoughtfulness and whimsy and intimate experimentation that I loved about early Books records, with none of the pretension and bombast that has characterized their more recent work. Anyway…

Scott Ritchie is also dusting off the Myceum project, in which he plays solo keyboard through pedals. Scott’s been collaborating a lot recently, playing with Infinite Jets, Articulate Chewbacca (mk.II), and even Catastrophysics; but here you’ll get to hear the pure unadultered source, the primal Ritchie drone, where he tunes into the constant reverbation of the kraut-cosmos itself. (remember kids, “tones not tunes!”)

Also it’s a DBB Plays Cups show; David’s tentatively working on some new recordings, and his batch of relatively recent songs has been pretty great, so I’m excited to hear him play tonight. (He’s also playing on Tuesday, by the way, but there’s like a million — OK, four — shows that night, so I’m gonna try to make sure I see him play now while I have the chance).  With Gary and Rob reportedly transitioning out of the ever-shifting DBB lineup, tonight’s set may just be David with drummer Daniel Merchant; or perhaps one of the other two bassists at the show will agree to fill in, in the grand DBB tradition of last-second line-up changes? Or maybe just a duo. I’ve long held the theory that less-is-more (or at least, that more-is-less) with the DBB live shows, so tonight may put that theory to the test. Although David’s voice sounded a little hoarse when I saw him this afternoon, so we may actually get some all-instrumental moog-jam instead or something like that (total conjecture on my part.)

So that’s at The Garage tonight, and it should be a very lovely night for it; it starts at 8pm sharp (Myceum goes first), so don’t be late and bring some spare $$ ‘cuz CJ’s on tour.

Oh yeah, and there’s also CLAW tonight! Which you are probably already well-informed and excited about, presumably via Facebook or the Washington Post or something. It seems that for every long-committed local (like myself), who has seen the CLAW experience more times than they could properly count or soberly recall, there are two more folks who have just heard of it now and are excited to get in on the action. Which is great! It is good fun for a good cause (to recap: rad ladies arm-wrestling in ridiculous costumes to raise money for charity organizations, particularly charity organizations that benefit women), and it seems they have started to inspire similar groups all across the country, and for that we should be very proud. They’re doing it again tonight — hopefully no broken arms this time — behind the Blue Moon Diner; there’s also live music by Mister Baby and the UVA Klezmer Ensemble, and the evening will conclude with a set by We Are Star Children. If you have never experienced CLAW before, go check it out!


UPDATE: Oh shoot, I forgot to mention the Tea Bazaar show tonight! Sorry, don’t know how it slipped my mind… I guess there’s been so much happening recently that for some reason I thought it was on another night. Even though I had a conversation with Jacob about this show yesterday… durr. Anyway:

ManorLady are playing; they’re a local shoegaze-ish band that also incorporates a lot of electronics and video stuff; also they keep playing shows on nights when I am unable to attend, which is really too bad because I like their live show a whole lot (their recent album is also added to the list of local releases that we have been intending to review at some point).

A band from Richmond called Marionette are playing as well; I haven’t heard their stuff, but they have previously shared bills with Tortoise and Xiu Xiu, so there must certainly be something of value going on there.

Rounding out the bill is Rob Dobson; he’s the bass player for the Fire Tapes, and I also saw him play a solo set opening for them about a month ago, which was nice.  (I even saw Rob last night, and still totally blanked on the fact that he was playing a gig tonight. Sorry dudes.)

That’s at 8:30 at the Tea House; cover’s $5. Probably won’t actually get started ’til around 9 or 9:30, so you might be able to catch most of the Garage show too…

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  • 1 Nurse Cheryl // May 28, 2011 at 4:33 pm

    Thanks for being with us from the start.
    We wouldn’t be nothin without the magic folks
    like you bring!
    Nurse Cheryl

  • 2 Kevin // May 28, 2011 at 5:25 pm

    I think I am playing a show tonight. 12 string guitar and some pedals. Very Aaron Copland/Melvins sounding music. I used to sing and stufff in a band called Red Satellites. Text me at 434 249 9302 to find out where and why. Should be a real sh*t show. I dont mean this to be spam, I just found out like 10 minutes ago and always read nailgun so I thought I would pass the info along.