Multiple local bands release CDs tonight at the Southern

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Sorry for the late-ish post today, folks (my Fridays are hellish, work-wise), and for the general lack of posting here recently — we’ve all had a very busy spring, but I’m hoping to keep the blog updated more often in the coming months if I can.

Anyway, down to business: there’s a strong line-up of three local bands at the Southern tonight; Borrowed Beams, Hilarious Posters, and Astronomers.

Astronomers are releasing their new album tonight; it’s their first full-length (after an EP two years ago); surely you know Astronomers by now? They are a well-established local act and it’s nice to see them put an album out. I haven’t heard it yet myself, but Nailgun founder and Cville expat John Ruscher had some hyperbolically kind things to say about it in this week’s C-Ville Weekly.

Hilarious Posters are putting out their new album as well; I believe it’s a full-length as well, following up last year’s spectacularly catchy s/t EP (seriously, “Sugarbread Falls” has to be one of the catchiest songs ever to come out of Charlottesville.) They were kind enough to send me a digital download it, and it is to my great frustration that I have to wait until I can get to a wireless connection that isn’t slow as paint to download it and listen to it. (It’ll probably be faster if I just buy one at the show). Oh, and in keeping with their band name, Sam sent me this delightful monstrosity, and I’ll just link to that poster as it’s own jpg rather than burning your eyeballs with on the main page, I think (still, it’s worth a click and a giggle).

Borrowed Beams of Light are rounding out the bill; to refresh your memory, that’s Adam Brock’s power-pop glam-rock side-project, in which he is backed by half of Corsair, and usually also one each of his fellow Invisible Hands and Nice Jenkinses. I know he’s working on a new full-length too, but sadly it won’t be ready in time for tonight’s show. Bet he’s got a bunch of new songs to play, though (and probably the old favorites; “Julie, What’s That Spell” is definitely a close runner-up for catchiest local anthems.)

So that’s at the Southern tonight; not sure of the band order, but I think Beams are opening; the cover’s $8 and the doors open at 8pm. Oh, and I believe it’s also Hilarious-Dave’s birthday today, so be sure to wish him happy birthday (one additional punch on the arm for “good luck” is the tradition, I believe.)

If you’re in the mood for something rawer, heavier, and less well-attended this evening, then I’ve just received word from Invisible Hand’s other member named Adam (Smith) that he’ll be playing a set with Steve Snider at the Pigeon Hole on the corner tonight. They’re playing under the name Great Dads, but as part of Adam Smith’s grand master-scheme of band-name confusion this will be 180° different from the low-fi kraut-influenced synth-gunk he’s been doing under that name for the few years; instead, they’ll be playing super-energetic, stripped-down, two-man aggro-punk shit. (I keep thinking they should call this duo something else to avoid confusion… I half-seriously suggested Adam & Steve — as a bonus, that’s also the name of a Frogs song — but apparently they’re just sticking with Great Dads for now.)

Anyway, I caught their very first set together at the Magnolia House a few weeks back, and it was nothing short of spectacularly good. In the five days since I had last seen a Great Dads set, Adam had somehow come up with a whole albums worth of completely killer 1977-flavored raw punk gems, reportedly all written in a single afternoon. Steve (whose magnificent drumming chops you may be aware of, due to his tenure as a rhythmic powerhouse in bands like Tapeworms, Cataract Camp, Fingerpainters, Bride of the Narwhal, A Cosmonaut’s Ruin, Golden Glasses, and Cat Sex) picked up all these songs perfectly after a single short rehearsal and the two of them played pretty much the best set I’ve seen all year shortly afterwards. This will only be their third show together, I believe (they’ve done one at Lynchburg’s famed Rivermont Pizza).

Adam says it’s an early set; 8:30pm start time. The Pigeon Hole serves beer now, too, and the students are out of town, so that might be an awesome way to pre-game for the Southern show tonight. It’s no knock against the bands on that bill to say that if this Great Dads set is anything like the last one, it might actually be the best band you see tonight; but either way, you can’t lose! (Unless you just go to Friday’s After Five and go home early. That would be a losing move, this evening.)

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  • 1 Sam // May 27, 2011 at 3:04 pm

    The band order is Borrowed Beams, The Posters, Atronomers.

  • 2 D.B.B. // May 27, 2011 at 9:00 pm

    Bands do not need to rename themselves in order to do something new.

  • 3 James // May 28, 2011 at 2:26 pm

    very true. I just find it confusing when bands with mostly different members playing different types of music have the same name!

  • 4 James // May 28, 2011 at 2:27 pm

    last nights shows were pretty great, by the way.

  • 5 Sam // May 28, 2011 at 8:53 pm

    I think after a certain number I’m lineup changes you’re supposed to add the word “Starship” to the name or something. Unless the band is more like the project of a behind the scenes impresario, like the micky mouse club or menudo. I agree with James, though; it’d be nice to have it both ways, like how on Power Rangers each new group gets a new subdesignation. Like DBB with Daniel drumming could be called DBB Plays Cups: Project Infinity.

    Last night was really a fun. I’d never heard any of Borrowed Beams’ post-ep jams, and I was really impressed by them. I’m definite glad that not everybody has abandoned tunes for tones, because our society will always need more good pop songs.

    Thanks to all who came out and especially to those who bought records from the bands.

    Also, unrelated but: could Celine and Julie Go Boating be any more awesome? It’s crazy that a movie that explores so many ideas so fully can at the same time be so goofy and fun.

  • 6 D.B.B. // May 30, 2011 at 12:32 pm

    His music often changed, but the name Jacques Rivette has always remained the same…