NO Magnolia tonight / Radio tonight / Radio Bistro tomorrow

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Heard from Dylan last night that tonight’s cassette release at Magnolia is NOT HAPPENING! Too bad — that looked like it might have been a good one. Anyway, Dylan has a new cassette out now, so ask him for a copy of that when gets back from tour, I guess.

I will be returning to the airwaves tonight (after a week away) to host my regular Sunday night radio show… I’ll be doing “the Madame Psychosis Hour” on WTJU from 1am to 3am. Lots of people tell me, “but I don’t stay up that late!” … the solution is to listen to Don Harrison’s Radio Wowsville at 11pm, because it is one of the best shows on the radio; if you are still awake when that show ends, you will hear me. Or you can stream the show any time in the next two weeks (or any show, for that matter). But that’s not live radio, so it’s less fun…  if you wanna listen live, of course 91.1 is the correct number on your FM dial.

OR you can just come to the C&O tomorrow night, because Sarah Carr and I will be the DJs at Radio Bistro! I believe this is Sarah’s first public DJ appearance, and I myself am getting more excited about doing all-vinyl DJ sets; I used to do everything on a laptop, but having done vinyl-only a few times in the past year, I’m now kind of addicted to it. I picked up more than one suitcases’ worth of LPs and 45s while driving out West last week (mostly Soul & Country), and am super-eager to play them all for you! That’s from 10pm to 2am on Monday night; downstairs at the C&O, with no cover charge. Come check it out!

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