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After a brief 1-week hiatus, Radio Bistro is back on again tonight! Adam Smith will be playing an all-vinyl set from 10pm to 2am downstairs at the C&O. We’ve got a few more DJs lined up for the coming weeks, too — I’m really glad this seems to be turning into a consistent and regular thing. Come have a drink and a listen; there’s no cover charge or anything, just your regular C&O experience but with great DJing on top of that.


On a totally different note, I’m about to spend a week or so driving out West to visit family. I don’t suppose any of you touring musicians might have good advice for fun stuff to do in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area? My Grandma goes to bed at like 7pm so there’s gotta be some kind of interesting night-life activity in Tulsa other than going to the local 20-plex to watch horror movies with the local high-schoolers, which is what I usually do. Any good record stores or bookstores out there? I don’t suppose there’s any sort of Tulsa equivalent of Nailgun Media, or even just a good local alt-weekly paper? The Digitalis label seems to be from there, and the Oklahoma City of the 80’s managed to produce the Flaming Lips, so there’s gotta be some sort of cool underground culture out there.

I’m also probably gonna spend a day or two bumming around Tennessee on the way over & on the way back. Tennessee has seemed really cool every time I’ve driven through it, but I don’t know a single person who lives there. What one thing do I need to see in Tennessee? I’m thinking I might hit Nashville or maybe Memphis (Knoxville seems like it kind of sucks.) This is literally the first time I’ve left the East Coast in almost 5 years, so I’m definitely looking to you locals who tour a lot for some good advice for the road. Maybe I should see the STAX Museum? What else?

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