a great House Show line-up, plus a Japan benefit at the Tea Bazaar

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There’s two really good shows going on tonight, both happening simultaneously, and both with a line-up of five bands or more!  (Sorry, meant to write this up sooner but I couldn’t actually find any info about these shows until just now…)

Anyway, there’s a House Show over near the University area, which promises to be especially solid (it’s NOT at the Magnolia house, although it is just a few blocks away). It’s no less than SIX bands, some of whom are playing farewell shows, and some of whom are re-uniting just for the show.  There’s NO cover, and it’ll start and end on the early-ish side…

DBB Plays Cups kicks things off at 9pm SHARP. David will be backed by three former Caninos tonight, which inevitably promises to be the sharpest and tightest that a live DBB set could be; plus I have it on good authority that he’ll be playing two of my favorite unrecorded songs of his, and two songs that I’ve never heard before. If you want to see a DBB show, tonight is the night to see it.

Left and Right are playing at 9:30; that’s the jangly, energetic and likeable indie-rock band made up 100% of UTS Bus Drivers. I’ll admit I sort of took that band for granted for a while, but every time I’ve seen them lately I’ve been really impressed. They’re good!

University of Michigan is up at 10:00pm; if I’m not mistaken I’m pretty sure that’s the band that’s Gary Canino plus half of Left and Right. No? Yes? Either way it’s reportedly their last show, so I’ll have remember their line-up just in time to never need to recall it again, I guess. But if you wanna see them play, it’s now or never!

I’m also really excited to catch Bear War again; they were a duo consisting of a guy named Stephen whom I don’t really know, and Pete who later went on to play with Nurse Beach and Male Model. They did groovy, minimal, downtempo synth-pop that was really quite great; definitely following the path laid down by OMD in a really nice way. To my knowledge they haven’t played a show in well over a year, and I had kind of inferred that the band had broken up; well, they’re getting back together for a farewell show tonight! “Last chance to see,” as they say out West. They’re on at 10:30.

At 11:00, St. God’s Hospital is up; it’s basically the project of Caleb L’Etoile, collaborating with an alternating cast of other Charlottesville musicians whom I can never keep track of. Gary says this is St. God’s “first and last show,” which I have no idea what that means because it’s definitely not their first show; maybe that means it’s the one and only show with this line-up? Or maybe it really IS the last St. God’s show? Beats me.

Robo Jamz are a band I know absolutely nothing about, apart from the fact that they have a stupid name, they’re playing at 11:30, and apparently it’s their last show as well (unless that’s a joke?). Gary says there will be dancing afterwards. It’s a house show, so, you know — be a gracious guest, and all that jazz.


There’s also a Benefit for Japan at the Tea Bazaar tonight; it’s been on the calendar for a week or two, but I wasn’t able to really find any info about it until just now — Jacob says the line-up is “Andrew Cedermark, Guion Pratt (aka Nettles), Dylan doing an ‘acoustic pickup loop-based thing’, and maybe an Adam Smith solo set, and maybe White Laces from Richmond. We’ll see what happens!” All those bands sound really good, so I’m definitely going to try to head over there before end of the evening to catch what I can.  That starts at 8:30 (and will be over by 12),  and the cover charge is $7, because it’s a benefit show!

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