Thank You & Articulate Chewbacca at Tea Bazaar tonight

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Tonight’s Tea Bazaar show looks pretty solid;

the Baltimore-based, Thrill Jockey-approved, conversationally-confusingly-titled band Thank You are coming back to town, after what I’m told is a very well-received set opening for Darwin Deez back in February. (You can watch Gary’s videos from the show here!) To my ears they have kind of a math-y Dischord vibe, but with a more modern, arty, Baltimorish sound on top of that. They should be a lot of fun.

Local stoner-metal act Articulate Chewbacca have been added to the bill at the last second; I’ve chronicled the exceedingly confusing saga of that band elsewhere in these pages (quick summary: it used to be Adam Smith’s totally different Krautrock band four years ago, but then that band became the Invisible Hand, Adam started a new stoner-metal trio called Double Complete Rainbow, but then changed the name of the band to Articulate Chewy, even though that was the name of a completely different band of which he was the only consistent member. To make things even more convoluted, they were also Andrew Cedermark’s backing band last night).  Anyhow, they totally kick ass,  and are highly recommended for fans of Hawkwind, Acid Mothers Temple, Sleep, etc.

That starts around 9pm, and the cover is $5. I’ll be eating a delicious dinner from Bread&Salt this evening, but I hope to head over there later on to catch at least one of the bands (I’m told that oddly, Chewbacca are headlining? but I might be wrong about that…)


Oh yeah, I should also mention that for local history and film enthusiasts, there is a definite event of note going on at UVA today; PCA explains: “This rare screening will share 1930’s footage of Charlottesville and the University from the Ralph W. Feil Collection. The films feature extremely rare color and aerial film of the Charlottesville area. Staff from UVa’s Preservation Services [which I think means Steven Villereal?] will discuss the historical richness of home movies and explain the preservation process.” That’s at 2:30pm this afternoon in the Special Collections Library on UVA Grounds; “An additional screening will be held at 7:00pm. Both screenings are FREE and open to the public.”

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