Big Monday

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Quite a lot going on in Charlottesville this Monday night!

First off, obviously, Snoop Dogg. Yes, you did not misread the listings. As sort of improbable as it seems, Snoop Dogg is performing at The Jefferson Theater. But unless you want to pay out the nose for a scalped ticket (I’ve heard the going rate is now up around $120) that one is thoroughly sold out.

I myself will be at the Tea Bazaar hosting the totally opposite show. LAKE, the latest gem from K Records, are here tonight from Olympia, WA/Portland, OR. LAKE play lo-fi low-key folk-pop (say that five times fast), centered around whispery vocal duo of Eli Moore and Ashley Eriksson. It’s highly charming and cute, but stopping somewhere short of twee. So basically all the good things you’ve come to expect from a K band. Opening up are tour-mates AgesandAges (whose album is quite good, by the way), and C’ville’s newest sweethearts Northern Diver, who are fit to give LAKE a good run for their money tonight in the sincere-and-adorable-songs department. That’s $8, doors at 8:30PM.

And there’s another worthwhile show happening at The Southern, featuring pop-rock trio Jukebox The Ghost. Jukebox are sort of like Ben Folds meets Queen — a super talented set of instrumentalists centered around well thought out, piano driven songwriting. Wakey! Wakey! are opening, and I don’t know anything about them, but the band I would be most excited to see is actually the first one. They’re called Pretty & Nice and their first album ‘Get Young’ is alarmingly good. So if you’re planning on going to that show tonight, be sure to get there nice and early. That one is $10, with doors at 7:30PM.

In addition to all this, Radio Bistro continues this week down at the C&O, this week featuring Mr. Colin Powell (one half of the Grits & Gravy Soul & Funk parties). Radio Bistro, if you’re not up to speed, is a regular evening of DJs every Monday playing solid jams to hang out to (as opposed to dance to).

Dat’s what’s up!

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