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Today at 3pm:

The Charlottesville Gamelan will present a performance of Wayang Kulit, Javanese shadow puppetry, accompanied by gamelan music. Puppet master Midiyanto, an eighth generation dalang (puppeteer) currently teaching at the University of California at Berkeley, will be the featured guest artist. This will take place at Garrett Hall.

A description:

Using flat puppets carved from water buffalo hide, he will present scenes from the Mahabharata, an ancient Hindi epic of India brought to Java hundred of years ago. His narration will be in Javanese and English. Cynthia Benton-Groner, Director of the Charlottesville Gamelan, will give a brief overview of Javanese wayang prior to the
performance. For this event, master drummer Muryanto from the Indonesian Embassy will join the fourteen gamelan musicians in the Charlottesville Gamelan.

At 3:30pm:

Stephen Nachmanovitch and Loren Ludwig play improvisations with electric and acoustic violins and electric and acoustic viola da gamba at Gravity Lounge. $15.

At OFFScreen (7 and 9:30pm): Old Joy


“Two friends in their 30s, played by alt-country singer/songwriter Will Oldham and Daniel London, embark on a camping trip in the majestic Cascade Mountains near Portland, Oregon. One is on the verge of fatherhood, while the other has no strings attached. The trajectory of their relationship, surrounded by gorgeous wilderness, makes for a minimalist yet powerful tale of friendship and alienation in Bush-era America. An original soundtrack by Yo La Tengo complements sublime cinematography in this “elusive and haunting meditation on the passing of a friendship. Against a radiant backdrop of decay and rebirth, nothing needs to be said; everything in this lovely film is crystalline.” (David Edelstein, New York Magazine)

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