Films at The Bridge, Extraordinaires at the Southern, and a Tea House show

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The Bridge‘s film series has another cool event lined up tonight; they’re showing The Lodger,” an early Alfred Hitchcock film; it’s a silent film from 1926, and while it’s not Hitchcock’s first film, it’s widely considered the one where first emerged as a recognizable auteur, rather than just an anonymous director-for-hire. It’s the first time he used the plot of “the innocent man wrongly accused,” an idea he returned to over and over again throughout his career, and it also has a lot of the sexual subtext that characterizes his best work. So it’s definitely worth checking out for novices and Hitchcock obsessives alike (I’m definitely in the latter category, but I haven’t seen The Lodger since I was in like 10th grade and I don’t remember it very well). And tonight is definitely the night to check it out, since there will be a live score performed by Matt Marshall and two other musicians. Matt’s done scores for several films at The Bridge and the Virginia Film Festival, as well as regular events at the Victory Theater down in Scottsville; it’s always a treat to see a silent film with live accompaniment. That’s at 7:30pm, and the cover charge is a $5 suggested donation to The Bridge.

I’m sure many of y’all will also want to check out The Extraordinaires at The Southern tonight; not sure what to say about them that we haven’t said before, except just to emphasize that this core group of Cville kids accentuated with a rotating cast of Philadelphians are witty and creative and charming and always put on a fun show that the kids love. Cinnamon Band is opening for them, doing the two-man Springsteen-esque rock thing, and Adam Smith and Thomas Dean (of Invisible Hand, Order, etc) will be playing records afterwards. {It’s sort of an official preview of MACRoCK, which is coming up this weekend, so they’ll also be giving away a pair of passes to that festival at some point during the evening, though I’m not sure through what means; raffle? quiz show? all-out brawl?}

The cover charge is $10 at the door, but it’s not too late to win a pair of tickets through Nailgun by emailing us a haiku. We’ve only received a few submissions so far, so you definitely have a good chance if you enter now; we’ll even accept a Limerick, provided it’s appropriately filthy.

… and there’s a Tea Bazaar show which is certainly not to be overlooked; Nashville’s Turbo Fruits are back in town again; it seems like every time I turn around those guys are putting out another record or hitting the road for another tour, which is certainly not a bad thing. They’re joined by a kick-ass Cville hardcore band called Sharkopath, whom I finally caught a while back (though I’d seen all their members perform in other outfits) and they were seriously excellent. It’s also the debut of Matt Leech‘s new band, whom I believe at this point are just called “Matt Leech” — y’all know Matt, right? He’s played in Order for longer than most, and used to run the Funny/Not Funny Label in Harrisonburg before he relocated to Charlottesville. Rounding out the line-up is Pujol, also from Nashville, presumably on tour with the Fruits. Doors are at 8:30 and the cover is $7!

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