Psychedelic Films at The Bridge tonight!

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I’m really excited about tonight’s entry in the Bridge Film Series; the event is titled: “Peaking – A Night of Vintage & Contemporary Pyschedelia” and the filmmakers they’ve chosen are really great ones.

I’m a big fan of Len Lye and especially John Whitney (both of whom were featured in the “Geometric Hallucinations” film screening I put together back in ’07), and Jennifer Reeves and Jud Yalkut are pretty great too. I’ll have to admit that I’m not actually very familiar with Paul Sharits or Ben Russell, but I’ll be able to make up for that this evening.

The Bridge’s website clarifies: ‘Often considered adjunct to a drug experience, psychedelic film has a rich tradition that reaches well before the counterculture and is still a thriving contemporary genre. The Bridge Film Series presents a night dedicated to Psychedelic film as a funhouse mirror of consciousness rather than eye candy for turning on (not that you can’t do that).” and adds: “While we load the 16mm films, we’ll be playing classic psychedelic commercials from 7-Up, Whirlpool, and the Government Information Agency.”

Here’s the part where, in an effort to maintain journalistic integrity, I should mention that I used to be the Director of this film series… but I’ve been gone from that post for almost two years now, and I’ll be at the screening tonight solely as an audience member and appreciator of film and psychedelia. (Actually, if I were more resourceful, I would have tried to get my hands on some actual psychedelics, but alas it was not to be).

That screening is at 8pm, and the cover charge is $5! Winter ain’t over yet (apparently) so here’s yr chance to spend a cold night in the warmth of the flickering image.

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