RADIO BISTRO again tonight

March 21st, 2011 · No Comments · By

Oh yeah, did we mention that Radio Bistro is a weekly thing? Because it totally is! Tonight’s line-up will again be myself and Chris Hlad, playing good music by which to hang out and enjoy a drink. It’s downstairs in the C&O Bistro, from 10pm-2am. No cover, no dancing, just 40’s bebop and 50’s rockabilly and 60’s country and 70’s krautrock and 80’s goth and 90’s indie-rock for you to listen to while you enjoy a Greyhound and a cheese plate. Last week’s was really fun, so we’re excited to make this a regular gig and maybe begin to bring in some other DJ duos (or even some sort of round-robin style DJ pair-up rotation?)

So stop in and say hi, sit down and have a drink, if you’re out & about tonight. (It might even be nice enough to prop the downstairs dutch-door in the C&O Bistro! In my mind that has always been one of the major signifiers of pleasant weather in Charlottesville…)

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