Charlottesville Anarchist Book Fair

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It’s the Festival of the Book this week, although we haven’t written much about it — not out of disinterest, but just because there’s so much else going on. But I thought I’d mention that today Random Row is hosting the Charlottesville Anarchist Book Fair (to my knowledge, the first such event).

While I’ve never defined myself as an Anarchist (I think representative Democracy is a good idea, and believe organized Governments are necessary to prevent individuals from being exploited), I am very sympathetic to the criticisms and complaints made by Anarchists, and usually find myself agreeing with them about a wide variety of issues (feminism, egalitarianism, worker’s rights, etc.)  So I consider most Anarchists that I’ve met to be allies in one sense or another, and I’m excited that this fair is going on.

If all you know about Anarchy is that dumb symbol that ends up on Hot-Topic clothing — or the early-20th-century caricature of the bomb-throwing Nihilist — then come to the Book Fair and meet some real people who have interesting ideas and are trying to do good things. Or if you’re just generally a leftist (and in Charlottesville, that’s a strong likelihood), it’s a good chance to get to know people and find out about organizations that may share the same goals as you do. Also, I think it’ll be a great opportunity to pick up a lot of great literature (probably also some very poorly-assembled zines, etc. but hey — that comes with the territory).

They’re tabling outside in the Random Row parking lot from 1-7pm today (so it starts… right now, basically) and there are events and speakers inside all day long, including: a “Prisoner Support Workshop” from 2:30 – 4pm; a presentation called “The South is Still Rising” about the history of contemporary radical organizing in Richmond, from 4-5; a Roundtable discussion by Virginia Radicals from 5-6; a film screening, “El Rostro de la Dignidad” the 2001 documentary about the Unemployed Workers Movement in Argentina, from 6-7:30; another documentary called “Shelter,” about the squatting movement in the East Bay, from 7:45-9pm, and then music at the end of the night, with performances by Alison Self and Books and the End of Books. There’s talk of a dance party afterwards, too!

{UPDATE: those films screenings are actually happening at The Garage, rather than Random Row — getting set up now, come on over!}

There will also be childcare services available. The organizers have provided a list of helpful tips for what to do and not do at the fair. Also, they’ve apparently been hassled by the cops, who claimed they thought the event was for white supremacists (WTF? although with the title of that “South Is Still Rising” panel I guess it could have been a legitimate misunderstanding… but probably not).  Anyhow, I’m looking forward to heading over and checking out the fair (as soon as I eat some tacos… oof!), both to show solidarity with my fellow leftists and make them feel welcome in the community, and also to get some good books. See you there?

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