THANK YOU, Darwin Deez, and Caleb L’Etoile played the Tea Bazaar (videos)

February 21st, 2011 · No Comments · By

Darwin Deez, proud owner of a viral (2MM views+) video, is certainly a crowd pleaser. When I read his band description about how he and his band dance in between songs, I thought they were joking. Boy was I wrong. People freaked out. They should play Letterman. Plus, if this guy plays his cards right on the video front he could end up somewhere between OK Go and Beck or something:

Before M. Deez was THANK YOU, one of Thrill Jockey’s finest. Excellent guitar on guitar + wild drumming action. Plus, isn’t that same drummer a dead ringer forĀ Guy Picciotto?

…and Caleb opened. His band was sick.

Caleb L’Etoile “Scars” from Gary Canino on Vimeo.

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