Darwin Deez, Thank You, Grammar at the Tea Bazaar

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[UPDATE: James apparently wrote a post on tonight already, but I didn’t notice before I wrote mine. Anyway, here’s his post which has some additional info about the Rock Marathon, too.]

There’s a really eclectic, cool bill tonight at the Tea Bazaar that I must highly recommend. The headlining act is a lanky fellow from New York City by the name of Darwin Deez who, by his own account, makes “happy music for sad people”. That description really rings true. The songs are bouncy and jovial, reminiscent of The Postal Service or The Strokes (actually, I don’t really hear The Strokes in there very much, but every other thing on the internet seems to relate them to Deez so I’ll go with it). But while the music is upbeat, the lyrics are fraught with romantic and existential difficulties. It’s clever stuff and, as I said at the outset, highly charming. Deez has a slew of really great videos, and here’s my favorite:

Also on the bill are Thank You, from Baltimore. Everything coming out on Thrill Jockey lately has been totally excellent, so that’s really enough reason to tune in to Thank You.

And opening up are Grammar, formerly known as Stolen Arms, and featuring Caleb from St. God’s. Next to Caleb’s previous projects it’s got a little more of an indie-pop spin, comparatively bright and upbeat, and sort of splitting the difference between each of the other bands on the bill.

This one is $7 and music starts at 9PM (is that less confusing than if I give you the door time?).

Also worth noting tonight is, besides just generally plugging WTJU’s ongoing Rock Marathon, listen up for a live set from Invisible Hand tonight from 7PM to 8PM tonight. I hear they’re considering pulling out some surprises…

And here’s a couple more Deez videos for good measure, because they really are quite fun. Nice to see an artist making such cool and inventive videos on what one would imagine is a limited budget.

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