Music Venue Meeting This Afternoon

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Sorry, meant to write about this MUCH earlier, but I’ve been fighting off some sort of horrible allergy / cold / sinus / flu thing, AND doing radio shows at all hours of the day and night, but anyway here it is:

There’s a Special Meeting this afternoon to discuss the ongoing music-venue-vs-zoning-regulations issue, it’s happening This Afternoon at CitySpace2:15pm, so… that’s about half an hour from now (sorry again for the late post!) CitySpace is that big room that takes up the Second Floor of the Market St. Parking Garage, on the mall side (above Bashir’s and the Post Office).

The City is calling the meeting in order to further discuss the issue with local venue operators, business owners, and musicians before any action is taken. Andrew has more details over at the C-Ville.

The Good News is that Jim Tolbert and the City Council don’t seem to want to shut down any existing venues; they’ve just realized that there is a huge discrepancy between what the  letter-of-the-law is, and the actual desires of the community. So they’re looking for as much input as they can before re-writing the zoning code.

The Bad News is that the City sort of has a bad history of overreacting to individual problems with widely sweeping “solutions,” so if you’ve got a horse in this race you should definitely try to be at the meeting today to make sure that the solution being offered is a sane and reasonable one.

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