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Oops! So, somehow none of us managed to find time to blog about the show last night. It was 4 bands at Dust, and all of them were really good:

Corsairs started things off with a smart 70’s hard-rock vibe; I just managed to catch the end of it, but I’m sure I’ll check them out again.

That was followed up by Iron Ore, who were playing their first, last and only show… which was totally awesome. Just the right mix of mellow indie-rockin’ and heavy-feedback guitar-solos; half-practiced false starts mixed with total competence and having their aesthetic hearts in exactly the right place.

Then Roman Gabriel Todd’s Beast Rising Up Out of the Sea layed down some heavy, half-hardcore bass+drums madness. The lyrics were all faux-grandiose offensiveness, often delivered in the grand Melkersonian tradition of shout-explaining the inaudible lyrics before each one-min. song; but all of that was basically a distraction from the fact that those guys have some serious chops.

The night ended with the first appearance of Articulate Chewbacca, consisting of Adam Smith and John Bray from Truman Sparks on guitars, Adam from the Nice Jenkins on drums, and a fellow I didn’t recognize on keyboards. They played one 20-min long art-rock groove thing, and it was pretty sweet. They’re clearly a brand-new band, finding their niche in an exciting way; I wish more folks would just experiment with playing together, rather than writing some boring ol’ songs to get in the way. Then again, I’m always a sucker for the 20+min instrumental uptempo drone-rock jam, so my preferences may be skewed in that direction. Anyhow, their set was good. I even thought they could have Sonic Youth-ed it out a little bit more at the end, but I’m sure we’ll hear more from them again.

Anyhow, apologies for not blogging about this beforehand. Hope you caught the show. It was an excellent grab bag of four short sets by four stylistically different, equally good bands; I’m increasingly excited to hear more of this sort of thing now that Spring is upon us.

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  • 1 John // May 19, 2008 at 3:50 pm

    Apologies from me, too, for not getting a post up about this. It was a great show.

    Corsairs were awesome. They make me want to listen to a lot more metal than I do. They have songs with names along the lines of “Electric Giant” and “Have You Ever Been with a Warrior Woman.” And the guitars…off the chain! Drums and bass were tight, too. All ’round awesome.

    Iron Ore aka Witch Elms were also good. James’ description is right on the mark. I would love to see this trio many more times, so I’m sad that this was their only show. Why’d they have to wait until the day that they graduated to play??? A nice surprise nonetheless.

    Roman Gabriel Todd’s Beast Rising Up Out of the Sea: Sarcastic, spazzy, all over the place and totally together and engaging. Another pleasant surprise, straight from Mobile, Alabama.

    Articulate Chewbacca: A fairly short jam that covered some great ground.

    I’m with James. I’d love to see more people just plugging in their instruments and playing shows. One of my favorite recent live moments was seeing James, Adam and others jamming/droning out at The Bridge, including a nice segment of Faust’s “It’s A Rainy Day (Sunshine Girl).”