Friday Night

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Before you do anything, be sure to read Jacob’s post below for an update about what all has been happening with the City Council. I want to emphasize that Nailgun is presenting this information in the hopes of spearheading a positive campaign for local music support, and NOT to encourage any sort of foolish witch-hunt about who may or may not have “started it.”  The important thing is that we have the opportunity to work had to protect what’s great about music in Charlottesville.

There will be lots more to talk about soon, but here’s what’s going on musically in the city tonight:

There’s yet another Magnolia House show that looks really awesome; in addition to the six acts that were already on the bill, we’ve recently been informed that esteemed vibraphonist Khan Jamal will be playing! He’s 64 years old and has played with folks like Sunny Murray and Sun Ra, so having him play a house show in Cville is a pretty special thing. He’ll apparently be doing a duet with Scott Verrastro, a good dude (and super-solid drummer) whom you might remember as the drummer from Kohoutek, a supremely excellent DC free-noise psych-rock band that I haven’t heard from in a while (he’s also played with Damo Suzuki and Jandek!)

They’re playing around 10:30… also on the bill are: Scott Ritchie’s Myceum drone-work at 9pm, Nidra (“Richmond weird dance duo”) at 9:30, Attached Hands from Florida at 10:00, another act from Richmond called Positivland (ha) at 10:15, Adam Smith’s recently-dormant Great Dads project (i.e. the one where Adam and Jeff try to sound like Suicide c. 1976) at 11:45, and then yet another new band with Dylan in it: Trysts Acts (“3 minute of Leo Henzil and Dylan Mulshine”) wrapping things up some time around 12:15am. It should be pretty awesome.

Also, at the Tea Bazaar tonight: locals Pantherburn are playing with two out-of-town acts: Ocean Vs Daughter from the Czech Republic (waaay out of town!); they played at the Tea House with Mss. about a year ago, although I missed it… and also a band called Jenny & the Holzers (double ha); one of their band members tells me: [We] play short and fast and loud songs tangentially about the work of contemporary feminist artist Jenny Holzer. These songs are both more stupid and more fun than you would expect from that description. “ Sounds like it could be a lot of fun. That’s at 9pm and costs $5.

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