potentially super-awesome House Show tonight at Magnolia

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The Magnolia House has a totally crazy line-up of bands tonight that looks like it’s going to be really fun. I only barely know what half the bands on the bill are, but even that’s enough to get me excited about it:

After much confusion, cancellation, and un-cancellation, Andrew Cedermark is back on the bill! Reportedly his backing band Buffalo Wild Wing can’t make it (whatsamatter Jacob, you got somethin’ better to do?) so Andrew will be playing a solo set, which will still be fun & good. Actually I just talked to him and he has no idea what he’ll be playing, but his past solo sets tend to be interestingly erratic and often feature awesome and unexpected covers (“Strangers in the Night”? UVA’s “Good Old Song”? three Jonathan Richman songs in a row?), so who the heck knows what we’ll end up with tonight, but I’m looking forward to it.

Also on the bill is a band from DC called Buildings, whom I caught at the Witchmond Fest last fall, and really enjoyed. They do exuberant instrumental math-rock of the Lightning Bolt / Don Cab / Ecstatic Sunshine variety, except perhaps less precise and more jangly/low-fi; I liked them a whole lot (bought their solid CD, too) and I’m psyched to hear them again. Even if Andrew weren’t on the bill, I’d be 100% there just to catch these guys.

They’re coming down with another band from DC called Hume (whom I guess are the “headliners”? I dunno, they’re listed first) and they sound like they do a similar sort of thing, but more song-y (maybe like Dirty Projectors before they turned into a boring R&B band?). So that should be really cool, too.

As if that weren’t promising enough, there’s also some folks from the fabled city of Baltimore coming down; Andrew Bernstein is in Dan Deacon’s ensemble, and is also in Teeth Mountain with that girl who was on Judge Judy with Narwhalz (remember that?) Owen Gardner is I guess one of the guys from Black Vatican; from what I’ve been able to discern online, I think they’ll both be doing the electronic-freenoise type of thing, but who knows?

Rounding things out is Amil Byleckie Band, whom I think are from Providence; don’t know much about them, but it looks like they do sprightly/aggro electro-punk in drag. Actually Owen Gardner’s page has some electro-noise-in-drag too, so it might be a dudes-dressed-like-ladies (in a sloppy, punk way) kind of night. I might be wrong, but dudes should wear a dress anyway to be on the safe side.

Oh yeah, and Dylan and Scott have a new project debuting tonight called Cat Sex, featuring both of them playing drums processed with fx, plus maybe some other folks. I make fun of bands with bad names all the time (usually hoping that if enough people do that, they’ll wise up and pick a good one next time), but in an effort to be more positive I’m just gonna state for the record right here that I sincerely think “Cat Sex” is a totally fucking awesome and appropriate band name. Well done, dudes.

As always, contact us (or them) for directions & further info… The whole thing starts around 9:30 or so, and I have not even the slightest clue what the set order is going to be (at this early stage, it’s quite possible that no one does). So just show up at like 9:30 or whatever and bring $5 or so, and it should be an awesome time. What else are you gonna do tonight?

Oh yeah, I guess you could go see Jamie Dyer of the Hogwaller Ramblers play at Blue Moon; that’s like an 8-10pm thing (and free!) so if you wanna pre-game it, that might be the spot.  Jacob also reminds us there’s a band called Only Thieves playing at Miller’s tonight; he sez: “Quality rock band from Florida, don’t overlook it cause it’s at Miller’s.” So if it’s good enough for Jacob to miss a show by his own band (presumably? I’m guessing), it might be worth checking out…

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  • 1 Jacob // Jan 14, 2011 at 6:45 pm

    Well, for the record, I expect to be at the house show, and will probably join Andrew for some part of his set… we’ll see…