We Fucked Up! There is More Soul& Funk Dancing Tonight!

December 24th, 2010 · No Comments · By

So, due to the fact that I spent yesterday rushing around like madman, overloading on the Holiday schedule, and operating on very few hours of sleep, I somehow thought that the Standard and Grits&Gravy were doing a thing at The Box together last night — my confusion was understandable, since that’s what they did 2 weeks ago, but I wrote the post in a rush (while texting everyone for info while at work, also without being able to see whatever info’s on FaceBook either, since I don’t have an account, etc etc) so basically here’s the deal:

Greg and Shane, aka DJ Shay Shay and the Wulf Baby of The Standard, did their thing last night. (Hope it went well!)

Robin and Colin, aka the Rum Cove and Brother Breakdown of the Grits and Gravy Soul and Funk Revue, will be doing a different event tonight; the poster of which is repeated below (it even says today’s date! I am dumb):

Got it? Good. We’ll also have some special year-end treats coming up for you soon from the Nailgun staff… stay tuned, and Happy Holidays!

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