WTJU Holiday Dance Party, another House Show, & Dzian! at the Taphouse… plus a movie… AND an early show at that gallery

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The event that I’m really excited about tonight is the WTJU Holiday Dance Party at the Tea Bazaar, which I’m glad to say looks like it might be becoming an annual event:

The set order is Zak, Shawna, me, Brian, and Dave; I have no idea what other people have planned, but 45min set is going to be 100% Xmas music. It starts at 9pm and goes through 1am (the Tea House is kind enough to stay open late for us!)  The cover charge is $5 (or $1 per DJ), which goes towards supporting the station. It’s also an All Ages show (although of course you’ll need to be 21+ for beer, sake, and wine.)

Jacob also tells me that the Tea House is showing a video beforehand? I don’t know much about it, but he says: “Looks like it could be a little campy, but on the bright side, there’s footage and interviews with Real Estate, Mount Eerie, Phosphorescent, Karl Blau, Lake, Beach Fossils, Christmas Island, The Beets, Ron Schneiderman and Woods as well as vinyl manufacturers, record store owners, and fans, including footage from that Mount Eerie show I set up at the UVA Chapel last year. Pretty neat!” So that’s at 7pm, with the dance party afterwards at 9…

There’s also another house show tonight at Dylan & Jack’s house; this one’s more punk (as apposed to last night’s, which ventured more into metal territory…)  Just found out about this one, actually, so here’s everything I know about it: Wicked Eyes. New cville punk hc. Taylor, Peter, Nick, Connor, Sam U. / Mom’s. New band from Crozet. Sam R, Daniel R, Connor. / Sex Move. New RVA band. / Black Age / Unholy Thoughts / 1 more tba. 5 dollar suggested donation! Please come out and support new bands! Please don’t fight. If you are under 21 please do not drink at the show (especially not outside on the porch) When people hang out at the bottom of the steps near the street the cops get called… so please don’t do that either. Magnolia has set very few rules, so lets follow them. Respect the house!” Sounds like good advice. Really glad to see those guys are getting their shit together, show-wise (there’s one on Monday, too!)

Also, Dzian! is playing at the 12th St. Taphouse tonight! They sure been having a lot of shows recently, which is awesome — I guess they’ve gotta squeeze in as many as possible before Academia pulls them apart. (Apparently they played at JohnSarahJohn on Thursday? Though I never heard about it until yesterday…OK apparently that didn’t actually happen.)  Wendy says: “We promise it to be a “Nakashi Dance overload” including choreographed danced by the Nakashi Dancers, reinforcement dancers by friends, and an amazing dance-off. See this video for our idea for a dance off, 1960s Japanese game show style.” It starts at 9pm and runs until midnight or later; I don’t think there’s a cover charge, but they do suggest “Attire: Dress to Dance – Think 1960s” Sounds fun!

Oh, and speaking of JohnSarahJohn, there’s also a show there tonight: “Alt-country sensation Galen Curry at 6:30pm,” and The Hill and Wood frontman Sam Bush at 7:30.” No cover. There might be plenty of time to check that one out before you head to one of the other shows…

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