amazing drummer from Japan (via Massachusetts) at The Bridge tonight! plus Rhythm Bandit + Jonathan Zorn

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Of the two iterations of the Charlottesville Experimental Showcase that Jacob put together earlier this year, the best act among many great acts was probably a drummer from Japan named Tatsuya Nakatani. I’m seriously excited that he’s coming back to town (the guy tours relentlessly) — so excited, in fact, that I bugged Jonathan into letting me make a poster for the gig:

Tatsuya is an experimental percussionist from Osaka, who now lives and teaches in Weston, Mass. He goes on something like a five-month long tour every year, and has put out over fifty CDs over the past decade (I bought a CD and a double-LP from him last time, and they were both awesome-sounding and physically gorgeous.)

As for the actual music, it’s really intense, complicated and playful freeform improvisational percussion; definitely recommended for fans of individuals like Z’EV, Han Bennink, or Chris Corsano.  If those names don’t ring a bell, allow me to quote my gushing review of his last show:

“Tatsuya Nakatani may have been the highlight in an evening full of highlights. Every single act last night was excellent, but Tatsuya’s set was thoroughly mind-blowing. He started out by bowing a gong, making a really intense resonating sound, while generating some quiet thunder with the kickdrum. He soon moved on to a series of bowls that were bowed and left to sit on the tom & snare, resonating and chiming into each other; then he brought out the cymbals. I didn’t even KNOW you could make that kind of sound by scraping a cymbal across a snare drum, but Tatsuya is clearly a master at that kind of thing; at one point he was blowing through a small cymbal like a trumpet mouthpiece while pressing it against the face of the drum; moments later he had the cymbal bent almost in half while he bowed it against the metal rims. Not only did it sound great; but every third or fourth trick he did was a thing I didn’t even know was possible. It was the perfect balance of messy chaos (many percussive instruments were haphazardly thrown around) and precise musicianship (this guy has some SERIOUS chops)… pretty fucking amazing.”

.. or just check out this YouTube clip of him performing:

… or heed the wise words of Alonzo Subverbo, who claims: “One rule for live music that I have is: if they are from from Japan, you must go. The Japanese will blow your mind more often than not. Another is: if there is great drumming, you must go. No recording can capture the truth of the drums; plus great drummers are cool to watch, even if they make Muppet faces.”

The show starts at 8pm; local enfant terrible Rhythm Bandit will be opening, and then Tatsuya will play, and then I believe there will be a three-way face-off between Dylan, Tatsuya, and Jonathan Zorn.  This is seriously, SERIOUSLY not a thing you want to miss. It costs a mere $5 and the show will almost certainly begin on time.

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