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So for whatever reason, you’re reading Nailgun on Thanksgiving; maybe you’re bored to tears by spending time with your extended family, maybe you’re feeling lonely with all your friends out of town, or maybe (like me) you’re stuck at work all day. Anyway, we didn’t want to leave you empty-handed, so here’s some content related to the holiday of Thanksgiving, an ancient tradition which has lasted for tens of years.

First of all, I’m in the middle of reading Charles Mann’s book “1491,” about the history of the Americas before the arrival of Columbus; kind of fascinating to hear about huge civilizations that rivaled the ancient Greeks, but which the average person on the street today has never heard of; or to find out stuff like the fact that the English settlers were actually less technically advanced than the Indiginous people they encountered in what’s now Virginia and Massachusetts. Just by coincidence, I happened to read today the chapter in which Mann discusses the historical figure we think of as “Squanto,” and what actually happened in that whole situation that we now fondly mis-remember as the time the nice Indians gave the pilgrims corn so they wouldn’t die during wintertime. I’m not far in, but it’s been a fascinating read so far; always nice to learn for myself about the stuff that I should have been taught back when I was making colored-paper pilgrims hats and cut-out turkeys out of hand-tracings instead. (not that there’s anything wrong with that; I keep saying I’d actually really appreciate having more chintzy Thanksgiving crap around.)

Anyway; speaking of interesting historical figures in the History of the Americas, I was able to catch the USAisaMonster non-reunion show while I was up in New York last weekend; it was the second time I had caught Tom Hohmann’s new band (From) the Sky, and was again struck by the awesomeness of the last 2 songs in their set, one of which is about Sequoia and the other of which concerns Johnny Appleseed. Can’t find any relevant links online, but if you can check out the band live, this one-two punch is the highlight of their set.  More bands should strive to be simultaneously informative and psychedelic, I think; it was like being given a history lesson by the Doors. (The other bands on the bill were really awesome, too – Jonathan Kane’s February, and the Colin Langenous Orchestra, a 12-piece new-wave soul band who were kind of bafflingly awesome.  Unfortunately, neither of these bands sang about anything Thanksgiving-related, but I didn’t want to not mention them).

So because I can’t find a video or a link or anything for that, I’ll instead post some awesome videos of dudes dancing, for the second year in a row (see? we’re starting new Thanksgiving traditions all the time).  Last year’s video featured Jerkin’ from LA; this year’s is gonna be about Footwurk from Chicago. Totally different shit, equally awesome and hypnotic:

(By the way, does anyone know what the Juke track on the video is? Consensus seems to be that its by DJ Nate, but no one seems able to name the track or indicate where else it might be found; I would play the everlasting fuck out of that song if I were able to find a non-compressy copy of it…)

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