cozy house party or rap silliness

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(cole and david)

There’s a show tonight at The Bakery, featuring David Reza Jabari and Cole Moldy Milner, in what promises to be a cozy living-room concert.

Victoria says: “[Cole] has released recordings on Marriage Records (home to White Rainbow, Dirty Projectors, Thanksgiving, and many other fine Pacific Northwest independent musical acts). He went on tour in 2006 with Thanksgiving. His music is meditative and thoughtful. David is from California and makes peaceful jams. This show is a good way to cope with all this rain we’ve been having.”

If you don’t know where The Bakery is… well, it’s a private residence so we’d rather not list the address on the internet, but ask your friends or e-mail nailgun and we’ll help you out.

(grand buffet)

There’s also a show at the Tea House: Grand Buffet from Baltimore are the headliners.

If I described Grand Buffet as “silly irony-rap by two white grunge slackers” that would probably dissuade you from attending, so instead I’ll say this: I saw Grand Buffet open for Cex five years ago, and they totally stole the show. They were super-energetic and hilarious, their songs were incredibly well-crafted, and they got an entire room full of antisocial emo kids and computer nerds hyped to participate in their ridiculous call-and-responses. Think of it like a Captain Ahab show, but with rapping.

Young local rapper and Beetnix-protegé GeT is opening; I keep hearing good things about him. Brian Moon and D-Mitch have also been added to the bill. For more info go to Magnus Music.

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