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It’s another busy Friday in Charlottesville; no huge show tonight, but lots of fun stuff is still going on.

The Blue Moon Diner is bringing back CLAW for one last hurrah — that’s the Charlottesville Lady Arm Wrestlers, for those who missed it — they’ve got a huge tent set up in the backyard, and will probably be filled to capacity this evening, so you might wanna show up early & bring those spare bucks to bet on the Lady Wrestlers you admire the most, as everyone gets drunk & shouts & hollers together to support a women’s charity organization (this time it’s the Women’s Initiative). Cover’s $5. It starts at 8pm, and there will be live music by We Are Star Children and Barling & Collins.

The Raucous Auction is also tonight, over at the VABC (that’s the Virginia Art of the Book Center, not the Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control). They’ve got a new home over underneath the Art Box space, out towards Ivy (in that shopping center with Foods of All Nations, near the old Tokyo Rose).  I’ve never been to their annual auction, but I’ve heard it’s really fun: you can check out the details here. It looks like there’s some really beautiful work included this year! That’s from 5:30 to 8pm tonight.

Over at The Bridge, radio journalist (and local musican) Jesse Dukes has put together an evening of audio documentaries; in Jesse’s own words it’s: “four stories about the lives of animals. In fact, Lulu Miller is apparently staying up all night tonight to finish her story: JUST FOR YOU!  Her story will be about locusts, grasshoppers and the subordination of the individual in the swarm. Also, producer Louisa Jonas follows Deer 0012 from the woods of rural Maryland to the plate at a homeless shelter.  I’ll contribute a story about farmer Jesse Straight’s first ever chicken processing and producer Kelley Libby tells the story of the birth of a calf as told by a 13 year old farm boy.” Sounds cool. That’s starting at 8:15 (to give folks the chance to go to the auction as well), and I think the cover is the usual $5.

And at The Garage, there’s three touring acts from New York: gentle folkie Dave Deporis, the somewhat quirkier Uncles, and the poppier act Little Anchor. Sounds like perfect music for cold fall weather!  Bring some $$$, cuz touring ain’t free. I think that one’s 8pm as well?

Lastly, Brad Perry (Worn in Red’s drummer and all-around good dude) is having a birthday party tonight; he says: “DJ Nano [aka Brad himself] is gonna make a dance party happen in honor of my birthday. It starts at 10:00, is at The Southern, and is FREE. They’re gonna be running drink specials too!” Sounds like a good way to wrap up the evening.

So… which one are y’all gonna pick?  They all sound so good. But then again, so does staying home with warm blankets, soup & comic books.  Hopefully I’ll be able to drag my ass to one of these before the full winter hibernation mode sets in (63° today! see, it’s still Fall! even if it’s getting dark at 5pm now!) Enjoy the outdoors while you still can!

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  • 1 Bradical // Nov 12, 2010 at 6:31 pm

    Dude, I’m just DJ Nano’s “manager”, OK? : )

  • 2 V // Jul 3, 2012 at 9:38 am

    Yes, you must never ever refer to Mr. Jefferson in the past tense. I learned that very qilukcy when I moved here seven years ago. At least you didn’t say freshman, sophomore, etc. Because those first years would have hated that.