Halloween extravaganza at the Southern, and more!

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Well, it’s technically only the 30th, but since Halloween falls on a Sunday this year, tonight seems to be the night everyone is doing the majority of their celebrating;

The big event tonight is the Mock Stars Ball at the Southern, in which ten local bands (well, five tonight and five tomorrow) are all dressing up / covering other bands for Halloween!  It’s a really good idea, and with the lineup that they’ve put together, it looks like it’ll be a whole lot of fun, a worth successor to the Mass Sabbath tradition, (an idea whose novelty was beginning to wear thin after six years)…

Things will kick off at 8pm with Gabe and Rachel from WTJU spinning some spooky Halloween tunes; then around 9:15, Borrowed Beams of Light will play a set as The Stooges! Borrowed Beams are such a likeable pop-rock act, they may not seem like the natural choice to play the Stooges — BUT may I remind you that their line-up features half of Corsair and half of the Invisible Hand? They’ve got the chops and the attitude to pull it off, and I’m really excited to hear it.  Around 10ish, Hunter Smith and his band are going to play the songs of the Cars! I haven’t actually heard Hunter Smith, but I’m definitely a Cars fan, so I’m excited about that one as well. At 10:30, a local group (whom I’m not familiar with) called the Sometime Favorites are going play… uh, the Strokes. Somehow that doesn’t quite fit in with the other classic bands in my mind, but I’m willing to be it’ll be a fun set regardless. Anyhow, at 11pm there will be a costume contest for the best-dressed attendees; then at 11:30 Astronomers are going to be Queen! Which is kind of funny, because I think one of the guys from Queen actually does have a degree in Astronomy — as do two members of Cville’s aptly-named band. Anyway, that’s gonna be tons of fun, and the evening will climax tremendously at Midnight when Corsair will play the songs of Spinal Tap! Yes, Spinal Tap. It’s basically the set they were born to play, if you ask me…  I’ll wrap up the evening with a DJ set of my own around 1am-ish or so… already got my stack of Halloween records lined up and ready to go. The cover charge is a mere $10, which also gets you free admission to Sunday night’s show.

If you’re looking for something to do earlier in the evening, the UVA Music Department is putting on a show at the Haven at First and Market, aka that big church across from Lee Park that is now serving as a much-needed Haven for the area’s homeless. The concert will feature Charlottesville’s own Taiwanese / International Surf Rock band Dzian!, as well as a group from New Jersey called Hsu-nami; Wendy says they are: “a unique erhu-rock band […] Erhu is a Chinese two-string fiddle. Frontman Jack Hsu plays it amplified and shreds it like metal guitar. I met these guys during my field research for my dissertation in New York.” (You can watch a clip of Jack Hsu along with Wendy Hsu  — no relation, presumably? — and the other members of Dzian! jamming on the mall yesterday, entertaining the folks in line for the Obama speech.) Wendy adds: “Dzian! will mobilize all of our musical and dancing talent at this show, including The Nakashi Dancers and members of Fire in the Belly (belly dance group). We will debut a couple of new tunes including a spooky-goofy song about Dracula in Italian by a Malay band. Come out and celebrate Halloween with us with your feather boas, costumes, LED’s, and happy dancing feet!” That event is totally free and open to the public, and Wendy stresses that it’s quite possible to see most of this show AND the Southern thing, since this show runs from 8:30 to 10:30 and is just a block away from the other gig.

If Halloween isn’t your thing, and if you’ve been bummed about the lack of Hip-Hop shows in C-ville recently, there’s also an event tonight over in the old Outback Lodge space, which has now re-opened under the really rather unfortunate name of Deuces Lounge. I’m not sure exactly who or what is going to be there, but the announcement says it’s a “Conscious Hip-Hop Night” that will feature 12 MCs, 4 DJs, breakdancers,  and graffiti writers; the promoter adds: “Most importantly, this will be a safe and violence-free event… this is NOT, I repeat NOT Gangster Rap!! Come out and support some of Charlottesville’s most creative “Urban Artists.”” Cover is $10 at the door, and the event is starting early and running all night, from 5pm to 2am. Pity they couldn’t have done this on a different day, as it’s something I’d actually be interested in checking out, but… anyway, I’m sure a lot of the local hip-hop heads will definitely want to be there.

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  • 1 adam brock // Oct 30, 2010 at 6:30 pm

    my pants are too tight. my stomach hurts and its flopping over my tight black jeans. who’s ready for this?

  • 2 James // Oct 31, 2010 at 4:28 am

    OK, wait. so how does the “get-in-free-on-Sunday” deal work. Do I have to leave this wrist-bracelet on, even though it is 4AM and I am drunk and going to bed? I have no idea.

  • 3 Graham // Oct 31, 2010 at 4:01 pm

    Last night was awesome. I feel bad for anyone who missed it.